I’m Anabell Bender.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a dancer. But this voice in my head said, “you can’t do that” so I quit trying. Then I wanted to be a makeup artist. Soon, that awful voice reared its head again and said, “you can’t do that because no one makes money being creative” so I quit again.

But after some deep soul-searching and overwhelming negative challenges in my life, I decided to take a painting class. And then I took a tap-dancing class. And then a singing class. And soon I found myself realizing that there are lots of people on this planet making a living by being creative! It was then and there that I stopped listening to that awful inner voice who let all my dreams fly away, and start listening to my intuition who helped me dream my dreams in the first place.

Following my intuition led me from feeling super-worthless to becoming confident, strong and independent. Following my intuition has also led me to so many different opportunities, that I consider my intuition my greatest partner in my business.

I’ve been told by friends and family to play it safe, but I find that playing it safe is just that awful inner voice in disguise (I see you inner voice! That moustache isn’t fooling anyone!).

The best thing I can do with my experience and intuition is help you find yours. If you’re ready to start listening to your intuition and stop letting your awful inner voice take the wheel, let’s work together!

Random Facts for freaks like me:


Human Design: Manifesting Generator

Enneagram Type: Nr. 9