Why can't we see it?

We all heard the saying that the truth lies within us, right?

Does that mean that everything around us is a lie? At lot of times it seems as if everything around us is an illusion and keeping us from being our true authentic self, would you agree? 

As I wrote this message, I realized that this is more of a personal reminder but I'll share it with you as well :-) 

In a glimpse, August 20th to be exact, is my first year anniversary, which of course got me reflecting on quite some things…

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Juggling: ...emotions...tasks...and what not...

Catching dreams sounds great, let's do it!

Once you have defined that dream and are motivated AF, you know that nothing is going to stop you from reaching it. You've been working so hard to reach it, you've dedicated so much time, money, energy to to get one step closer. And no matter what life is going to throw at you, you have the right bat to throw it right back, because you're invincible and committed.

Then, life sends you her friend called reality. Reality is going to challenge hell out of you. It's her job to remind you to ask questions. Questions that you probably know just as well as I do:

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Serendipity, Alignment, WTF!

Official definition of Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. 
Have you ever experienced it? That moment that makes you go "Hold on, is this for real?" That moment, where things just kind of "align"?
Is it luck? Sometimes it is and sometimes it really is a sort of reward, would you agree?
That moment when you realize that all the effort of catching dreams was worth this moment.

Yet, so often we get into moments where we want to throw it all away.

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If Only... Are You Afraid Of The Uncertain?

Have you ever felt like you don't belong where you are? People look like you, talk the same language, are your "friends" or "family". Yet, everything what so called society makes you believe is right or wrong, just doesn't feel like a fit for you? So So get this!! There's nothing wrong with you.

Feeling fine. Isn't that what we're all longing for at the end of the day?
And do we know the feeling of being the stranger in our own life? Especially when it comes to catching dreams. I for sure do. It can get lonely for various reasons. We need to narrow down what it is that we really want.

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I did it!

That's what I told myself last Saturday, where I had my very first singing performance ever. And although I've been preparing for it for months and although my teacher told me I'm ready, I felt so freaking nervous. 
And because we need some challenges every now and then, I picked two songs that were demanding for me. One song pushed me to take it easy in front of strangers. The other song was not only a challenge vocally but also emotionally. Oh my freaking...!!! 

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Are you a mystery to yourself?

Oh, I know I am sometimes a mystery to myself. How about you?

This happens because we live in a time and age where we're forced to use our mind. And because the voices in our mind are so damn loud, we tend to overhear the softer tones that are coming from a way deeper place. Call it your gut, your soul, your heart, your intuition. If you picture it, the mind is actually quite small compared to the the sum of the other voices. 
How come then, that we give it so much more attention? Plus, how come, that we give our mind the priority when it comes to making decisions? 

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What follows after setting the tone?

Dreams are such a vulnerable place, right? We know we have them, yet following through is quite a challenge sometimes, do you agree?
Sometimes, it can become so overwhelming, that we'd rather stick our head in the sand and let our buttcheeks burn in the sun (if only summer was here already!).

I for sure have been there and still am sometimes. But guess what: Welcome to being human! Those peaks and valleys are absolutely natural and happen to all of us. All the difference comes to the way we react on it. 

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What dream of yours is hiding under the blanket?

The question of all questions, right?

Am I, or am I not? Is it "worth" the effort or is it not? Am I going to stay under this cozy and protecting blanket or am I going to expose myself and do it the heck anyway? 
What actually is going to happen when others actually realize that I exist? 

Oh my...these questions are all too familiar to me. To you as well? 

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Your definition of Hell

Are you familiar with the following quote?: "Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become" 

Does that make you want to take a deep breath too? 

Not to seldom, we assume we still have time to do...in ...
Deeeeeeep down inside we know that it's an excuse, because we know that life can be over in just a glimpse. Or it can take an unexpected turn in no time. 

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