At the end of the day, all we want to be is happy, agree?

Every single one of us is making choices and taking actions based on the outcome of being happy.
And yet, how many of us get frustrated because we seem to be  running in that hamster wheel without getting any closer to it?

When I first heard of someone being a Happiness Coach, it was so clear that I had to jump on that train, because who else could be selling it better than me, right?

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When we're just fed up

Let's be real, sometimes you just want to throw everything in a box, burn it down and throw the ashes over No Man’s land. Sometimes, everything just seems so overwhelming. And why does it sometimes appear, that everything comes at the same time? 

I can tell, from my experience, that there are moments in my life, where I feel like suffocating, because it just all comes together. And just when I thought, I have it seen and felt it all…something else adds up to it.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

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What is it, that makes you feel worthy?

I would love to know, what is it, that makes you feel worthy? 

As most of you know, I am all about supporting you, in giving yourself permission to believe in your dreams. Giving ourselves permission though, is much easier said than done. This is why, a lot of times, we need someone to point a huge flashlight onto our value. This is why, I am mostly asking for opinions from outside. 

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To Hell with that Comfort Zone

Would you be reading this, if I would have stayed in my Comfort Zone? 
Would I be calling myself the Dreamcatcher Coach, if I would have decided to keep on playing small? 


I would not be chasing my own dreams in being able to support and empower others to give themselves permission to dream. 
I would not be telling myself constantly that all those fall backs, pains, moments of deep frustration are all temporary. 

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What you don't know about me...

Another week has gone by.
Another week of executing whatever we need to execute. For our job, for our family, for our friends, for our life...
I am creating content very consistently and I am hoping to inspire you to get up and catch your dreams!
However, we experience fall backs over and over again in life, right?
Let me share some personal facts  with you that most of you don't know:…

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Why we need to work together

…Would you agree, that success doesn't  always come easy? Especially if it's something you have been procrastinating on for so long? Maybe it's also something that others laughed about or didn't give any attention. Yet, dreams always find a way to come back to the surface. Because they want to be caught ;-)

…Do you want to be the next one to be catching dreams? Then we need to work together! 

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Burning bridges

This must be one of the most famous story about people who have a clear vision and going for it, no matter what. 

I am today surrounded by so many incredible people, who stand behind me, who support me, who uplift me and inspire me to keep going. Unconditionally. 

And then there are people I have to burn bridges with....Is it easy? Hell no! If it would be easy, everyone would be doing it, everyone would be successful and everyone would be living the life of their dreams, right?

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But, Because...it's so comfortable.

If I would have let fear keep me in that zone, this would not have happened:

  • Calling myself the Dreamcatcher Coach

  • Having my own Website

  • Starting to coach my first clients, who are on their best way of living the magic of stepping out of their comfort zone

  • Writing Blogs and posting on Social Media (and take it from someone who rarely posted anything online)

  • Seeing my clients catching their dreams and owning it

Just being so grateful for listening to that whisper called intuition and being today able to support others to step towards their dreams.

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