What you don't know about me...

Another week has gone by.
Another week of executing whatever we need to execute. For our job, for our family, for our friends, for our life...
I am creating content very consistently and I am hoping to inspire you to get up and catch your dreams!
However, we experience fall backs over and over again in life, right?
Let me share some personal facts  with you that most of you don't know:…

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Why we need to work together

…Would you agree, that success doesn't  always come easy? Especially if it's something you have been procrastinating on for so long? Maybe it's also something that others laughed about or didn't give any attention. Yet, dreams always find a way to come back to the surface. Because they want to be caught ;-)

…Do you want to be the next one to be catching dreams? Then we need to work together! 

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Burning bridges

This must be one of the most famous story about people who have a clear vision and going for it, no matter what. 

I am today surrounded by so many incredible people, who stand behind me, who support me, who uplift me and inspire me to keep going. Unconditionally. 

And then there are people I have to burn bridges with....Is it easy? Hell no! If it would be easy, everyone would be doing it, everyone would be successful and everyone would be living the life of their dreams, right?

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But, Because...it's so comfortable.

If I would have let fear keep me in that zone, this would not have happened:

  • Calling myself the Dreamcatcher Coach

  • Having my own Website

  • Starting to coach my first clients, who are on their best way of living the magic of stepping out of their comfort zone

  • Writing Blogs and posting on Social Media (and take it from someone who rarely posted anything online)

  • Seeing my clients catching their dreams and owning it

Just being so grateful for listening to that whisper called intuition and being today able to support others to step towards their dreams.

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Oh my, Oh my…Who knows that? Especially at the beginning of the year. We want to make a change, we are so pumped up with willpower, we are motivated until…Daily life kicks in.

Hello life!

But! We have made a commitment to finally start that creative project!
A creative project requires time, inspiration and a lot of times: money. Agree? 

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Have a break, dear!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a great start into 2019. And I am sending all my loving wishes to you to make this year legendary ;-)

I am having so much fun writing and doing researches for you and mostly: sharing it with you. That is what I have been doing the past year. Yet, like mentionned in my last newsletter, I was in need of taking a break and I completeley and boldly took the right to do so.

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Guilty for Passion or Purpose?

I have been very consistent in sending out one Newsletter every week.
I have been consistent in posting on Social Media.
I have been consistent in writing my Blogpost.
I have been consistent in my self-care practice as well.
I have been following my purpose and passion in sharing empowering thoughts over the past months.

And yet,…

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