Serendipity, Alignment, WTF!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Official definition of Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. 
Have you ever experienced it? That moment that makes you go "Hold on, is this for real?" That moment, where things just kind of "align"?
Is it luck? Sometimes it is and sometimes it really is a sort of reward, would you agree?
That moment when you realize that all the effort of catching dreams was worth this moment.

Yet, so often we get into moments where we want to throw it all away. That Gratitude Practice, That Meditation, That Act of Kindness. Like, WTF, right? Hearing our inner voices having a party and singing "good luck with all those silly practices, this isn't going to lead you anywhere, as you can currently see!" 

I challenge you (and myself as well): Think about just one moment where you felt like everything around is crumbling down. And then after a while, you got into a place of happiness and didn't even knew how that happened. What do you believe, got you there? 

The first thing that I can think about, was to be in a state of being really madly unsatisfied with my job situation. Yes, there were a lot of positive things, and also so many things that drained hell out of me. I piled up excuse after excuse, only to realize that if this doesn't feel like a Hell Yes, I need to change something. So, I got into holistic health studies. That training led me to a co-Student who also was a career counselor. Not only that, she lived just 10 minutes from my place (funny enough, as the majority of the students lived in another country). I went to see her, and even if I didn't feel like this is the right practice for me, she told me one thing that changed it all. Have you ever experienced that moment? Someone telling you one thing and that one thing feels like a key to a next chapter? In my case, she told me "You're a Creative. You need to be doing something creative. Working in an office environment isn't bringing you any joy". I had tears in my eyes. Seriously. I always knew I wanted to be doing something creative. Yet, as the majority of us, I heard that being creative is not a "thing". You don't earn money with it, you don't get successful with it. As younger version, you of course assume that elder people are right, even if it feels wrong in your core, right? 
That one sentence, got me into encouraging myself to move on with all my courses in singing and dancing. In starting my Master Life Coach Certification, in working with my Coach and in launching my Dreamcatcher Baby. 

So often we get so disconnected from our true essence. That leads us to frustration and not trusting anything or anyone. So of course, how can we expect anything to align, if we're not aligned in our core? 
Our outer world will not define our inner world with the same impact as the complete opposite way.
What do I mean by that? I mean that we need to get truly clear, what we want in our core, for ourselves.
Do we know who we are 
Do we know what makes us happy 
Do we know what upsets us
Do we know what environment thrives us and what environment drains us
If we do work on that, we hold the most powerful tool within us: Self-Knowledge.

If you're thinking now, that all sounds easy-peasy, but why is nothing happening? Oh I know that feeling and I'm going through that motion since a few weeks. It may sound easy, but truth is, sometimes it is so so so so not!
The funny thing though is, just when I think that I'm going to leave it all behind me, I get a "sign" to move on. Whether it is a message from some random person, or listening to other peoples conversation and picking up something that makes me want to pick myself up and move on. Because I am on the mission to empower people in giving themselves permission to believe in their dreams. And that is so so so important, don't you think? 

You're at the right moment right now! Be aware of where you're standing and how far you've come compared to last year. Where are you choosing to go now? If your answer is: "For my dreams, but how do I get there?" then let's have a conversation! I'm at your disposal for 15 minutes Consultation Calls. Let me know and let's schedule a Call :-) 

Looking forward seeing you catch your dreams! Until then: 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)