Burning bridges

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

are you familiar with that expression? 

Long time ago, a general was about to face one of his biggest enemy who had a much bigger army than him. However, the general took his people on boats and shipped to the enemy's country. Once they put their feet on the ground, the general gave the order to burn the ships and said "You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no other choice – we win – or we perish!"
And guess what: they won!

This must be one of the most famous story about people who have a clear vision and going for it, no matter what. 

I am today surrounded by incredible people, who stand behind me, who support me, who uplift me and inspire me to keep going. Unconditionally. 

And then there are people I have to burn bridges with....Is it easy? Hell no! If it would be easy, everyone would be doing it, everyone would be successful and everyone would be living the life of their dreams, right? 

There are people in my life, that have been around for the majority of my living days and who have influenced me a lot. They have given me their love and support, they have been giving their all until...I decided to be my true authentic self and started to take action on how I want my life to feel and look like. More specifically: Until I started to set boundaries for people that are trying to keep me locked in their memories of "how it used to be".

But isn't this the way we should all be living and all long for in the end? 
Being fully loved for the person we are with no judgement and with no repercussion.

Why is it so hard to burn bridges? Why is it so hard to say no to people who claim to love you? 
If only there were 2 magic potions for that. 1 potion for just spitting everything out and 1 potion to make everything good and forgotten afterwards. 
I don't know about you, but I hate all kinds of confrontation and am the first to walk out the room when someone starts to put all their bullsh** on me. I understand, that some personality types act that way. I used to have a roommate who told me, she is only able to have a true and deep friendship with someone until they had a big fight. My Ex-Boyfriend told me that in order to keep our relationship upright, we need to have a fight. I just could not disagree more!!
There are so many different personalities on this planet and every single person has a very different way of dealing with confrontation and setting boundaries. 

However, in the end it is up to us to decide how we want this to go on. It is up to us to decide if we want to stand up for ourselves or if we decide to make sacrifices. 

Catching dreams is a challenge, I am not going to lie. And I can promise you that you always will get honest messages from me. I am in the process, we all are. We all are on this crazy ride of life. And this ride includes peaks and valleys. 
Even if you are at your deepest valley, know that the peak is on its way. 

And because life is a process, we all evolve, we change, we live. Some will evolve with you and will even be grateful for it. And some people are very comfortable in their own world. And that is ok! Don't try to convince anyone who doesn't understand your behavior. They are just on a different path. 

I have been walking alone for quite a while until I crossed path with amazing people who opened the gateway to a world that I only knew in my dreams. 
I have to remind myself everyday, that this only happened because I stayed on my path and because I decided to keep my faith.

The further I go though, the more I start to disrupt other people's beliefs and the image they had of me until now. They get angry, mad, frustrated, judge me and fuel me with doubts. Doubts about whether I am doing the right thing and if this is worth the effort. My fear of abandonment and fear of failure keep on haunting me and are leaving me with big headaches. 

But you know what? I believe in you and I just know, if there is just one single freaking person out there willing to burn this ship and face the adventure of catching dreams, then I will keep moving and fully accepting the fact that I am not here to please every single person on this planet. I am here to support those who are willing to take a step towards their dream in a safe space. Because we all need love and support in that. 

Heck, I'm a pirate's daughter after all 😉 read my Instagram story about my parents if you haven't yet. (click here to read it).

Hoist the sails and full speed ahead toward catching your dreams!

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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