But, Because...it's so comfortable.

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

I can not even count the times, I had to step out of my comfort zone these past years.
If I would have let fear keep me in that zone, this would not have happened:

  • Calling myself the Dreamcatcher Coach

  • Having my own Website

  • Starting to coach my first clients, who are on their best way of living the magic of stepping out of their comfort zone

  • Writing Blogs and posting on Social Media (and take it from someone who rarely posted anything online)

  • Seeing my clients catching their dreams and owning it

Just being so grateful for listening to that whisper called intuition and being today able to support others to step towards their dreams.
Because: I know those Challenges of self-doubt, anxiety, frustration and anger towards myself too well.

What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you…
When I first read that quote about 4 years ago on a picture showing the Yoga Pose called the Crow or Bakasana, I had to stick it on my mirror to remind me that I could be able to do it one day because I was totally unable to even get near to that pose. 
As I was doing my research, guess what I read:

  • Bakasana is a pose that requires strength and focus and the ability to trust. The initial approach to this asana is often one of trepidation. Just like a baby bird that has all of the tools for flight, but doubts their strength and ability, Bakasana can often bring up doubts and fears.

Isn't it ironic, how our intuition brings us to the places we need to be? And mostly helps us to step out our comfort zone?  
How often do we know the path to our dream? Deep down, we always do, right?
And yet, we feel so comfortable in that comfort zone. Almost nothing can harm us here. And: Nothing grows there either…
How committed are you in catching your dream?
If you think that catching dreams = Sacrifice, please ask yourself who gave you that belief?
I personally think, it's a question of perspective. Where there's shadow, there's always light.
Everything comes with a trade off and every change that scared you turns out to be just magical, if you push through :-)
I support you in pushing through, working with you on your limiting beliefs and unlocking your creative potential.

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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