Creativity is intelligence having fun

Hey Dreamcatcher :-) 

did the quote by A. Einstein "creativity is intelligence having fun" get your full intention like it did get mine?

As some of you know, in the past years I have been starting to shamelessly reconnect to my creative little me. Why? Because I felt like I needed to catch up on so much.

Let's go back to my childhood: as a child I loooved nostalgic movies. Do you remember the movies with Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Co.? We only had 3 local TV Channels and on bank holidays they would play those movies veeery early (around 6 am – well, no obligations back then, right?).

So, there I was sitting on the carpet floor watching these movies and dreaming of one day becoming a dancer. I grew up in a very little town in Germany in the midst of cows and apple trees. Dancing schools? Tapdance? What is that??? Then came a sitcom with a ballet dancer, so I thought I'll start with ballet to get closer to my dream in becoming a dancer. When I told my dad I got 2 responses.

  1. We don't have money for this

  2. You are going to damage your feet with dancing. Besides that, there was no dancing school either nearby.

When I moved to Geneva to live with relatives at the age of 11, my godmother asked me if there where any classes that I would like to take besides going to school. Can you imagine how I felt? Singing and dancing in pure bliss! Yet, not tapdance but I started rock'n'roll and showdance in hiphop/rnb. I was planned to perform at the world championship of rock'n'roll  at the age of just 12, only after 1 year of dancing! I refused. Why? limiting beliefs! fear of failure! At the age of 12. There is no age for this feeling, is there? I stopped rock'n'roll classes and got full into showdance with performances with my dance school (not mentioning all the performances at family gatherings). And guess what: the more I got deeper into dancing, the more my grades became better and memorizing things became much more easier. I have been observing that with quite some kids. How does that happen?

First, what does creativity actually mean? It has various definitions but it all comes down to "thinking and then producing/creating it".

If we look at it from a scientific perspective, here's what happens when creativity comes into motion: Our brain has 3 different networks, who, if they all work together, gift us with massive creativity. And we all have a brain, right? (how we use it though is very personal, but that's another topic ;-) )

So our Big team consist of: The default network, The Executive network and The Salience network…WTH??? I know, I will not even mention how those terms were blocking me on doing more research so that I could write this blog and preparing my speech that you will find on my private facebook group ;-)

I like simple things so I will make it as simple as possible for all of us :-) you're welcome ;-)

Here are the explanations:

The Salience Network

  • is constantly observing external events

  • determines what needs our attention and what not – see? And OMG, who is so influenced by that network? But wait, there is more:

The Executive Network – also known as our attention network (…confused?so was I)

  • monitors what's going on

  • is full on when we are focused on our thoughts

  • manages the emotional parts of our brain

  • is active when we are concentrating

  • is responsible for our memory

  • takes care of the problem solving and reasoning part

The Default Network – also known as our imagination network (for my part, my most active one, if I'm brutally honest here…)

  • takes us to daydreaming and mind wandering

  • strong for brainstorming

  • gets activated in spontaneous thinking

  • is mostly based on personal past experiences

  • get's us to imagine what others would think

  • comes when our brain is in a resting idle state

While reading this, did you recognize some of it? Does it surprise you that the last 2 parts – the default and the executive control networks are the ones who work against each other? I would call them the “what if” and the “don’t you dare” voice. I’m sure you know those discussions in your head!

However, brain scans have shown that creatives can actually better engage both parts. Here’s an example for you music lovers, especially those who share the same musical love than I do: are you familiar with rappers and jazz musicians? I can tell from personal experience that I have always been blown away by all those tapdancers, whose workshops I attended, on how they kill improvisation. They kept telling us, that it’s a muscle, you need to train it on a regular basis and don’t think about it. Just let your feet do the work and start with the simple techniques that you already know.

As well as rappers...hmmm, besides the fact that I have a big weakness for them in general (hahaha, I'm drifting into Default, can you tell?), I am just so fascinated when they start to freestyle. Where the heck do they get all those words from and how do they manage to spit those words and form a sentence and then a whole story out of it? 

Researches have shown that you get that ideal flow state and network balance if you allow your mind to roam free, to imagine new possibilities and shut down your inner critics

So, how do we get all these networks working together in peace so that we can be more creative? Easier said than done right? A study has shown that only 1 in 4 people believe that they are living up to their own creative potential. 1 in 4 ! isn’t that crazy? Means that if you feel like not living up to your potential, you are for sure not alone! (and I honestly don't know if that is comforting or scary...what would you say?)

Here are some things that have been shown to help foster your creativity: try new things, learn unfamiliar subjects, take classes, watch other creatives getting creative. If you have an art that you are in love with, dive into it and practice as much as you can. You will more likely have more creative ideas 😊

A lot of Artists are the proof that long practice pays off, think of Picasso or Mozart. And please, take that pressure of yourself in wanting to be perfect now. First: perfection is an illusion. Second: don’t let other’s skills and experience discourage you. Enjoy the process in being a beginner and discovering new things.

Needless to say, dreaming alone is not enough. If we want to live and feel it for real, we need to get into action 😊 I hope I got that clear here 😊

So let’s elaborate on what you will be exploring and let’s catch those dreams of yours!!

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