Your definition of Hell

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Are you familiar with the following quote?: "Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become" 

Does that make you want to take a deep breath too? 

Not too seldom, we assume we still have time to ...
Deeeeeeep down inside we know that it's an excuse, because we know that life can be over in just a glimpse. Or it can take an unexpected turn in no time. 

So often, we are being conditioned by beliefs, thoughts and "dreams" of others. And this conditioning makes us chase the wrong things, making us wonder why we're feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. We execute (and might be really successful AF in that), but don't really live and pursue what our heart's desires truly are. And it really doesn't matter what position, gender, race we are. We're all on the same boat called conditioning. Or let's call it a killer luxury Yacht, that keeps tempting us to stay on it forever, coz' it's just so freakin comfortable. We don't have to think about anything, because everything is being taken care of, right? 

I guess, every single one of us comes to a point at some time in our lives, where we ask ourselves if we're happy. Where we ask ourselves, if the life we have is worth living. If this is what heaven on earth feels like. Or, where we tell ourselves that we'd rather go to hell, because this right here feels even worse than any nightmare on Elm Street. 

We're all born with a very strong integrated GPS system. Every single one of us. That system is called intuition. And that intuition is very strong and fearless when we're young, right? We put our finger in the plug, we eat dirt, we jump out of the window, without even letting fear hold space for a second. We feel it and do it anyway. Only through conditioning, do we start to develop a feeling of fear, that starts to take over our whole life. A lot of times, up to a point where we feel paralyzed. We start to getting transported into another time and space. That time and space is mostly called past or future. Evil Evil Evil! 
Fear is just an emotion, my dearest Dreamcatcher, and I need to constantly remind myself of that as well.

Waaaay back in the days, when we were living in caves and went hunting to feed the village, we were super grateful for having fear to protect us from evil monsters trying to kill us. Today, fear has taken over the lead position and keeps projecting past event and future assumptions in our minds. And mostly: there ain't no life threatening monsters. #sorrynotsorry 

Notice the time lapses? past - future? The only time that we truly have, and need to take full advantage of, is the present. The past has already occurred, you can't go back and change what happened, but you can always choose how you're going to react on it in the present moment (except you're MJ Fox and have a fancy car that's driving you back to the future, but he won't tell me the secret formula, I've asked already...grrr).

As to the future: Yes, we can plan, set goals and dream. But to get there, we need to act right now. So, what are you going to do now, that is going to take you one step closer to your dreams? Are you going to sit down and write? Are you going to sign up for that class you've been scared of? Are you going to speak to that one special person about your dream? 

To me, it all started with taking one painting class once a week. It went on with several classes more, meeting great people through courses, etc. Who would have thought, that all of that, started with just one single step? 

Or are you being trapped in your definition of Hell? The place where you feel like burning alive. Where you're blaming yourself of not taking the step. Where you think, that others seem to be more lucky than you. And where you're sure that this is your "destiny" and there's no way out. You might just as well turn to dust, because who the heck cares? I do care. And I'm giving you the assignment, to start believing that you can take one simple step to become that person "you could have become".

As always, you know I'm your biggest support system when it comes to defining the "How we're going to get you to catching your dreams", right? :-) with: One.Single.Step.

I would love to hear from you, hit reply and let's start a conversation! And share this, invite and empower others to join the conversation! We're gonna start a Dreamcatcher Revolution, you're ready?? (sure you are ;-) ) 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)