Does that all make sense?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Our personal Dreamland doesn't have any boundaries, does it? It is a vast landscape filled with beautiful, fun things, that make us happy. 

The way to get to Dreamland though sometimes feels rough and edgy. So bad, that we sometimes prefer to just stay right where we are...You also might have a dream that might be faaaaaaaaaar away from your current situation. If you want to be a popstar and have never even touched ground of a stage or just had your walls as your audience, then it's hard, right? 
But: it's possible. 

Yet, we like to drown ourselves in excuses like: I'm too old, I'm not talented enough, I'm not lucky, etc....Those are excuses. And you know what excuses are as well? I love to answer that with following quote:  "Excuses are lies your fears have sold you"
I am still working on my excuses, because they always come up. Especially, when I am planning on launching something new or sharing something I rarely shared with anyone before.

Deconstructing some of my experiences though, I have found the following: 

  • Being a trained hotel expert, and having years of work experience in all ranges from 2*-5* hotels, having participated in endless service excellence trainings, shaped my flair of being of unconditional service. It shaped my sensitivity in feeling what someone needs before even speaking it out. It also shaped me, in being a huge teamplayer, no matter the gender, ethnic background or age.

  • Being a trained beautician, make-up artist, massage therapist, shaped my love of making people feel at ease and giving them the opportunity of being able to letting go. It shaped me in having the goal to making them feel empowered.

  • Being a trained holistic health and nutrition consultant, shaped my understanding of how powerful we are as human being and how we can achieve greatness, if we treat our bodies with respect, care and compassion.

  • Being a trained Master Life Coach, shaped my thirst of going deeper and questioning our beliefs. It had shown me, that every single one of us has the potential to reach our dreams.

  • I am not even mentioning the other courses and current trainings like Human Design Reader and Mindfulness Practitioner. I am also not even mentioning my biggest long lost love called Creativity. Getting creative again through dancing, singing, drawing has fired me up in a ways, I couldn't even imagine. Who would have thought, that all of this led me to where I am right now?

I didn't come to that conclusion by myself though. I had some epiphanies during coaching sessions and even just during conversations with closed ones or even strangers. Also, we all have that friend, that is talented in something but isn't able to see its own talent, don't we? What if, you're one of those friends? Ever since I've begun to work 20 years ago, I never wanted to pursue a career. Ever. Only after deep soul searching work and coaching, I realized that I'm absolutely capable to do it, and that this is the way in sharing my gifts and giving support. When I shared my visions with people who knew me, no one was surprised. All I heard was "It's about time!" 
Coaching. Such a strong and powerful way to gain back your confidence. 

The definition of confidence by the way: a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.
And this is what my mission is, as you already know. I want you to feel empowered. Empowered to catch your dreams, empowered to own your dreams and empowered to feel happy in being your true authentic self! 

I'm curious to know: what have you done, that didn't seem to fit in the picture, that led you to where you're now? Or do you have any examples you would like to share? I'm one comment away to starting a conversation!
Also, I am here to support you on your journey in catching your dreams and unlocking your potential. If you or someone you know, is ready to do the work, let's work together! This also, is just one click away. My goodness, can you imagine, how easy all of this is?  

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)