Do you know your way and are you looking at all?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Everyone has its journey, right? 

The most common "disease" today is the feeling of not being good enough. It's become even so much more epidemic with social media. We are being exposed to people that live the apparent perfect life and are perfect over all.
So often we wish to be just like them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I even think it's very important to see what is possible, as long as it's authentic.
Yet, we more often see the endgoal instead of first looking inwards. We work like a GPS system when it comes to reaching a goal. If we don't assess where we stand right now, how can we know which direction to go?
That process can be hard, painful and frustrating. It requires honesty, acceptance and commitment. Are you ready to dive into the dark spots of your soul? If you're like me, you have been told that "in order to be/ need to be/do...". You then maybe even followed that "advice" only to get upset AF asking yourself why it doesn't work.
Selfknowledge!! is our biggest asset. There are different ways to get there. If you're intense like me, Human Design can support you to deep dive. It supports you in how to make decisions that make you happy. It reminds us of our needs, it show us which environment bring out the best in us and so much more. But the most beneficial and empowering thing it does (at least for me): It confirms us that we are not crazy! And this honestly is such a relief. 

Little insight of what it has reminded me of: 
I'm a Manifesting Generator = able to take off thousands of things and push through.
I'm a 1/3 profile = I love to learn, I can spend hours researching, I learn best through trial and error, I'm fine with falling on my face because I see "failures" as a stepping stone and not as the end of the world.
I by far am running on a individual circuit = I might be seen as freak. I am a creator. My mission is to empower.

I'm also very highly intuitive. The proof: a few years ago, I signed up for a drawing class because I needed something that pulled me out of the ugly, depressed, destructive rut I was in. Being creative has always been something that was able to make me feel present and in the moment. One thing lead to another and lead me to break down a lot walls that were keeping me from seeing me for all of this. 
It would not have worked if I had been staying in the rut, being patient and wait for the storm to pass. That's what we hear all the time, don't we? Be patient, good things come to those who wait...I thought, "oh success is going to come if I stay patient, oh the right people are going to come if I'm patient, oh I'll have that body again if I'm being patient". Excuse, Excuse, Excuse #sorrynotsorry. 

I had no idea of what I was capable doing. This only worked with support of great teachers, mentors, inspirational discussions with inspirational people, doing the work. I would love to be a pillar of your support system. Because I know how much of a struggle it can be. You don't have to go through it alone. Whether it be through a Human Design report, Coaching you to your dream project or in general. Let's chat.

I would love to know, what are you doing to pull yourself out of the rut? Are you interested in self-discovery at all? Hit reply and let me knoooow :-) 
Did you maybe already have a Human Design reading that made you question yourself? It might be because it is in your subconscious. You haven't got one yet? 🙉 Click here and get a personal Report that I compile personally for you. Catch you there!

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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