Enjoy life now, this is not a rehearsal!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Oh, how I love this quote! 

I spotted this quote on a bag, while staying in the Philippines on vacation. This bag is now hanging right at the entrance of my apartment. 
To enjoy every moment can be a challenge, would you agree? Being a Happiness Coach, people assume, that I must have that special formula to always being happy. 
Always being happy as a Happiness Coach, is like expecting a doctor to never die. We're all Human after all. That comes with emotions. And we all know our emotions, don't we? Remember the blogpost I wrote about emotions? (click here to read it again) 

So, my answer to the question "am I always happy" would be "Oh my...Hell NO"! But guess what? I choose to be happy as much as I can possibly be. Everyday. 

First, because emotions are contagious. I honestly prefer to have people smiling back at me rather than looking at some grim faces. 
Second, in being happy and smiling, my body is sending signals to my mind, that I am happy, so my mind automatically produces those happiness hormones. (Yes, our mind can be fooled that easily) 

What would you think, are the common reasons, a lot of us are having a hard time being happy?
Some of the main reasons would be:

  • Expectations

  • Negative Patterns

And those all depend on what? Yes, on others! 

I have been sick this past week and also offline from all social media to give my mind some space to rest and build. During this past week, I have had terrible eye pain. And this, my dear Dreamcatcher is something that is freaking shit out of me. Here's why: 

About 20 years ago, while living in the Philippines, I woke up one day, stood up from my bed like every morning and fell right back into it. It was like my knees were made out of jelly. I forced myself to walk up to the door. This felt like carrying at least a ton of jelly with me. Next thing I remember, is a vast amount of blackouts. I felt like having to do weight-lifting with my eyelids and every movement of my eyes felt like burning balls in my head. My body temperature played yo-yo with me and after I think, 1 or 2 weeks with no improvement, a trillion of tiny red spots started to decorate my upper body. So my dad took me to a doctor. They took my blood and after receiving the results, I immediately got into hospital. Emergency. What I remember during this hospital time, was that, there were ants crawling all over my room. The walls looked like, they could use some fresh paint. I just felt miserably tired. And there was a little bench in my room for visitors. Resting and sleeping was nearly impossible, because there was a child in my neighbor room, yelling and crying day and night. I remember my mom coming to visit one day, telling me, that this boy next to me must have had some terrible accident, because not only was he crying the whole time, he was surrounded by doctors every time she would pass by the room. So she asked my doctor, when she came for checkup, what has happened to him. Her answer: This boy has the same disease than your daughter. That's why we need to keep her here, to make sure she's ok. You can imagine the face of my mom? Especially when my doctor said: There's a 50/50 chance for Anabell to leave this hospital either dead or alive.

This boy and I were both infected with Dengue fever. The boy didn't make it. He completely bled out...

All of this, has been coming up again this past week and made me question, why did I make it? What did the Universe had in store for me, to still experience? More losses? More pain? More questions with no answers? 
My only reasonable answer is, to live full out. To make every day, every moment, as if you were writing your own movie. I don't mean, get out there, have no sleep, take every opportunity you can get. I am talking about living consciously. Living in the Now, because guess what: every other time, is just an illusion. And yet, this is such a challenge, right? 

To me, it all comes down to "What do I want out of this life? What makes me happy?". Trust me, I have been feeling like running in a hamster wheel at times, searching for the answer. I personally found it through: Mindfulness/Meditation, Coaching and Human Design. Because all those things have been supporting me to: 

  1. Be present

  2. Grow

  3. Know myself and to just go for it

And although I still feel like needing to navigate, I know my mission. My mission is to empower myself and to empower you. My mission is to make you believe, that you absolutely have the power within you, to get to where you want to go. This is why I got trained to become a Master Life Coach, a Holistic Health Coach, a Human Design Reader and a Mindfulness Practitioner in the making. To best serve you, and to get some more Dreamcatchers out there ;-) If you're ready to step into your truth, let's work together, you know where to reach me :-) And if you know someone who might need to read this, please forward it and share some love. We all need more of it, don't you think? 

Also, feel free to comment and starting a conversation, I would looooove to get to know your story! 💚

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)