Guilty for Passion or Purpose?

Guilty for Passion or Purpose?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

I have been very consistent in sending out one Newsletter every week.
I have been consistent in posting on Social Media.
I have been consistent in writing my Blogpost.
I have been consistent in my self-care practice as well.
I have been following my purpose and passion in sharing empowering thoughts over the past months.

And yet, lately I have had the feeling of standing still and asking myself questions over questions.

I have been pushing so intensely since beginning of this year. And even with taking conscious breaks every once in a while I questioned my purpose. That purpose of serving you in believing in your creative dreams.
Getting my certification as a Master Life Coach, which has a main focus on finding your life purpose, happiness and goal achievement has been a big step for me.
I have been reading, doing a lot of inner self-work and yet something was missing.

Guess what it was? ...just being creative. That passion which has been my fuel to thrive in my purpose.
I still take my vocal education class. But I have not been in a single tapdance class. I did not paint or draw anything and I did not get really creative in my kitchen.

Here's what a lot of us think when we hear passion: It is something we're born with and that we follow effortlessly. We completely rock in that field once we found it. And we fully immerse in it happily ever after. Our life is "complete". FINALLY, right?

Do you think that all these famous artists who rock their shows are living a happy ever after life? Why do you think there are so many burn-outs, drug addictions and even suicides in those creative jobs we so admire and love and are passionate about?

Try to answer that question very honestly and you will get more than one answer. Everyone of us is a beautiful and perfect individual. And I firmly believe that every single one of us is born for a reason and that we all have a purpose in life that we dream about or even already live.

So what happens when we feel like crawling on the floor even if we live up to our purpose?
Imagine your purpose to be this wonderful big plant. It is beautiful to look at, it might even have amazing flowers in the most vibrant colors. Just looking at it makes you happy. After a while the colors start to fade, the leaves begin to fall and the plant is experiencing a near death experience. What happened? We forgot to water it. We have been blinded by its beauty that we completely forgot to nourish it.

It is about the same thing with passion and purpose, the big dream needs to be nourished and fueled. In that case the water is our passion. We look for a watering pot and carry the water-to water the plant.

In my case, my plant is supporting others to give themselves permission to believe in their creative dreams.And words can not even express the bliss it gives me when my clients really get there and are just doing it.

It is time now for me to water my dream, I am going to take a creative break. By the way, did you know that creativity appears when we rest?
The break is necessary, so that I can serve you even better next year. But don't worry, I'll still be doing "things" and preparing and popping in on my Social Media accounts with some surprises, so watch out for it :-)

Until then: I am wishing you a very heart-warming season with your loved ones and a lot of wonderful memories and inspirations to get you one step closer in catching your dreams :-)

Big warm hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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