Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

At the end of the day, all we want to be is happy, agree?

Every single one of us is making choices and taking actions based on the outcome of being happy.
And yet, how many of us get frustrated because we seem to be  running in that hamster wheel without getting any closer to it?

I always had a reputation at every job I had so far, that I always seem to be happy and that I'm always smiling. Some even assumed that I must be on any substances, because that just isn't normal (Note: I have always been to 100% ;-) ).

When I first heard of someone being a Happiness Coach, it was so clear that I had to jump on that train, because who else could be selling it better than me, right?

However, even if I am capable of always smiling, a lot of times I really don't felt like it at all. There used to be a time where I didn't even feel like getting up in the morning. A time where I was attracted to toxic people, toxic circumstances, toxic self-destructive thoughts.
And yet, only a very few, very close people could tell. To all the others, I have always been Miss Sunshine.

We so often assume when someone smiles, they must be happy, right?

Have you ever defined what happiness truly means to you?
Because, what someone defines as being the ultimate feeling of happiness, might not apply to you. 

For example: For someone, being happy could mean to be standing on stage every day having a party in front of others, when someone else would rather stay at home alone. 

Some love chocolate, some have a blast with a huge fruit platter.
Why have I mostly chosen to work in Customer Service Jobs in the past almost 20 years? How did it help me and how can you apply it in your daily life?

  1. You are forced to smile :-) Our brain responds to physical movement, which means even if we smile and don't mean it, our  body sends signals to our brain that we must be happy.

  2. You are in the moment :-) There is no such thing as past and future when it comes to our emotions. Did it ever happen to you, that you have been anticipating a certain event, and then when something else happened than what you expected, your emotions have been smashed down? By being time-stuck we fool ourselves. Not only that, we fool those we interact with too, which causes a chain reaction (And we don't want a spiral down reaction, right?).

  3. If you work in 5* Hotels or Places where you're expected to bring high excellence service, you can be sure that you will be send to trainings over and over and over again :-) Repetition is key and that applies to everything!

Seems super simple, doesn't it? It actually is. Yet, a lot fail at Nr. 3. A lot of times we think, that once we have something (or someone ;-) ), that we made it. No need for big effort anymore. It has been already effort enough to even get there. Well...Life is a process. You're welcome ;-)

Those tools above are action plans. We do have something though, that can really really sabotage every single effort.
Ever heard of the term "limiting belief"? Those sneaky beliefs are the ones, which are able to bring us to our knees when it comes to following our dream of being happy.

And I have been working through a looooot of them!

Example: I'm sure you know sayings like "Good things come to those who wait" or "No pain, no gain"? Have you ever asked yourself, who infiltrated that in your brain? Some of those sayings exist since hundreds of years and might surely apply to some situations.
However, when it comes to true happiness, it sometimes works against us. Because those sayings are so anchored in our unconscious mind, that we tend to sabotage ourselves when reality shows us something different. If something really good happens with no effort and quickly, we tend to stop and think "But I had no pain and had not to wait for it, there must be something wrong!". And then we look for ways to sabotage ourselves to get evidence of that silly saying (which mostly comes in form of having a bad conscience). I've been there, how about you? 

Here you got a little insight, of my dearest topic ever :-) How about you? Do you have some tools or anything else you'd like to share concerning that topic? Maybe in my Facebook group or send me an email. Either way, I always love to get your Feedback :-)

I hope you're having a happy time right now reading this! Keep that feeling, because you alone are able to chose your emotions. I'd suggest to be happy ;-) And if you need support and accountability, you know where to catch me ;-)

Big hugs and let's catch dreams!
Anabell :-)