Have a break, dear!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a great start into 2019. And I am sending all my loving wishes to you to make this year legendary ;-)

I am having so much fun writing and doing researches for you and mostly: sharing it with you. That is what I have been doing the past year. Yet, like mentioned in my last post, I was in need of taking a break and I completley and boldly took the right to do so.

Have you ever been wanting to take a break of something and then it just keeps hitting back at you?
Example: "I am having a break of sweets", and all of the sudden, you find yourself walking in Candyland with temptation all around you. Why this, mostly hormone caused reaction, happens to all of us, is a topic for a another Newsletter or even Serie ;-)

Taking breaks is very very very very necessary. And even if a lot of us are aware of it, we feel guilty taking a break, right? Because we might be titled as lazy or we might think we are less productive. Especially when it comes to getting creative, we think that it lowers our productivity.
The exact opposite is actually true.Taking a break can be the best thing you can do. Why? because our brain restores and builds new cells=has more power to create!

Short breakdown: More rest > more creativity > more happiness > more health > more quality of life >> more of what we all want!

What have I been doing during my break? A lot and nothing. I am so lucky to live in paradise when it comes to nature, with a lake and forest just in front of my door. I created my own daily Planner and OMG, that makes me happy happy happy! On Christmas, I completely dived into my love of Make Up (sidenote: I am a trained Make Up Artist) again and I gave short Christmas Concert in my Facebook Group (Tapshoes and my sister included, watch it in my group here), I went to an amaaaazing Tapdance Workshop, I created my own Christmas Cards, I slept a lot, I have been creative in my kitchen again, and the list goes on and on :-)

This week I started my Planning again and I have made a commitment to take real breaks in between, meaning: setting times where I cut myself off from all electronic devices, planning my breaks and what I could do during those breaks (from taking walks, taking baths, singing in the rain, dancing in my PJ, meditating, etc). I know that structure thrives my creativity, but that is something very personal. Try out, what works best for you and share it with me and/or in my Facebook Group!

I am still following some courses, in order to support you even more in fully unlocking your creative potential. There is some juiciness coming in 2019 :-)

I can't wait!

Until then...

Big hugs to you and let's start to turn those dreams into reality, 
Anabell :-) 

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