How am I supposed to be happy when *%)"(ç%...?!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Who's with me that Happiness is absolutely necessary?

And yet, we get into situations where we would rather not be happy, right? We try to manifest our dreams and forget that life is a journey and not a destination.

Life isn't always:

  • rainbows

  • stardust

  • and happy go lucky.

It can get:

  • messy

  • ugly

  • and full with doubts and bullshit no one really wants to have.

Do you have a dream that you know you could reach if only…the process didn't seem that scary and  big? Too big and too scary that you might think: "I might just as well not do it and leave it in Dreamland."
Your life goes on and you're wondering why you can not be fully happy?

Here's the thing about Happiness: It is a choice, every moment that you feel like crap. And trust me, that crap is always coming, it's a very natural process. There's no light without dark, no day without night and no yin without yang. However, we can always chose our reaction. And at the end of the day, don't we just want to feel happy and at peace?

Who has ever experienced being stuck in the messy, frustrating rut and then meeting someone who lightens up your mood almost instantly?

I know I have. Even if I am at times fully depressed because I'd wish I were already 1 trillion steps ahead or something happened that makes me feel super worthless...Whenever I meet someone with a happy energy, I feel uplifted.

Happiness is contagious! So, while you're in a good place, make sure to share it, you never know who you might contaminate ;-)

Also, installing little, yet significant habits, can totally do your day. Something as simple calling your To-Do List a Ta-Daaaa list 😊
It for sure makes me smile if I can check off something of that list and say: Ta-Daaaaa! Done! Immediate effect guaranteed 😉
It's easier said than done, right? Well again, just like most things, it's a conscious choice we can make and I can totally support you in that, by the way.

So, ENJOY the process! 
As a also Happiness Coach (yes, there's such thing as a happiness coach, how cool is that?) I can give you a lift in catching dreams, give support in pushing through, working on limiting beliefs and unlocking your creative potential.

What are you implementing in making the process more fun? Share it with me and the other Dreamcatchers in my Facebook GroupInstagram or below :-)

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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