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Hey Dreamcatcher 😊

If you are following me on Instagram and my Facebook group, you know that I have started a gratitude serie a few weeks ago, which is still ongoing but interrupted due to my free Webinar promotion on September 19th. Did you sign up? If not, subscribe to my Newsletter and you’ll get the Link ;-)

Why gratitude serie? Because first of all, I would never be where I am now if it would not have been to all the people that have crossed my path. And one single post saying “Thank You for all the people who are in my life” was not appropriate in my opinion.

If you have not seen the posts yet, I’ll give you a quick recap:

I am grateful for myself in first place (might be understood as selfish but it’s not, click here to read the post). Self-care is necessary: you can not serve others from an empty cup 💚

I am grateful for my siblings who always support me and with whom I can be the silliest person on this planet.

I am grateful for my parents who raised me to be the resilient, patient, stubborn, spiritual, kind person that I am today.

I am grateful for my family in Geneva, where I grew up in my teenage years, who have taught me self confidence, connection and love.

I am grateful for my unofficial big brother and his lovely wife who always made me feel like I could conquer the world and who give me unconditional love and support.

I am grateful for the world wide web, which has introduced me to a limitless world of possibilities. It has also gotten me to meet amazing people I can call my friends. How lucky can one girl be?

I am grateful for the very few close friends who have been there for me unconditionally in a time when I didn’t even feel like getting up in the morning.

Wait to see who else is coming in the serie. I am in such a gratitude mode, I feel like writing everyone a letter 😄

Someone once said: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others”. I always love to do some scientific researches on things (I can be such a nerd 🤓). Here are some of the benefits that gratitude has:

  • it makes us happier > wooooohooooo, who doesn’t want that? Happiness is a state that every single one of us is looking for to feel at the end of everyday, do you agree? For some it is quite a challenge though. There are so many layers sometimes that we don’t see. I can go more into depth on that topic. I am a Happiness Coach after all 😉

  • it makes us healthier > that is interesting, isn’t it? how does that make us healthier? Well, our whole body is a wonder machine and everything is connected. How many people do you know who live a “healthy lifestyle” and die suddenly due to a heart attack? How many people do you know who live a “unhealthy lifestyle” and live up to 90+? In concentrating on positive things, our body releases happiness hormones which are beneficial to our overall health. Books and endless studies exist on that topic. And it needs a whole post by itself. It’s on the way 😉

  • Gratitude makes us more optimistic > goes without saying, right? 😉

  • Gratitude makes you friendlier > this one makes me want to ask every single grumpy person out there “what are you grateful for today?” Have you ever done that? I did. It’s not fun. They get even grumpier. But I’m not giving up because I know that everyone has that happiness core inside 😉

  • I love this one: Gratitude makes you look good > Bring it oooooon! Well, if you think about it, it makes sense: You’re grateful - you’re happy - you’re healthy: who doesn’t think that this is beautiful? 😉

  • Gratitude increases your goal achievement > aaah these goals. How many times do we set goals, in private as well as in professional life, and don’t achieve it? Those are often the ones that make us not want to set goals at all, right? But how many times do we set goals and actually achieve them? It is very very very important to celebrate those achievements and be grateful for them. That will create a momentum in your brain and will want you to keep going. You’re welcome 😉

Those are all great benefits out of a simple practice that you can incorporate in your everyday life. I do it daily, yes. I have a special journal that asks me the question “what are you grateful for” every morning.

When it comes to people, we all have at least someone that we are grateful for, right? And so often it is so obvious that we are grateful for them (like family, partner,friends) that we sometimes almost take it for granted to show them our gratitude. Isn’t it ironic how often some people get into disputes with people that they love? I never understood that to be brutally honest (if you are familiar with Enneagram Types, I am the Peacemaker Personality type, so don’t take it personal). However, I have experienced that situation way too often. It is unnecessary and sucks. #sorrynotsorry.

What about the people that cross your path and don’t even know what impact they had on you? Maybe they don’t know it, because you never had a real conversation and they just said something at the right moment that had brightened you up? Maybe they don’t know it, because you only crossed their path for 5 seconds on a cold night and they held you the door with a big smile that made you feel welcome? Or maybe you haven’t even met in person, but their work is something that makes you feel empowered and motivated to keep going?

I have crossed path with people that I am so incredibly grateful for and never really had the chance to express it. Some know that my professional path is kind of crazy, I have been working in so many different fields with so many different people. And at every place I could find at least one person that made my day better, just because they were there. Do you have that person too?

Let me share some of those people with you and be prepared for me getting super transparent.

  • There is this one woman who used to be my manager about 8 years ago. I have been working for a company as an Area Coordinator and Teamleader, and I was responsible for various locations all over the country. That meant long days, lots of hours in commute, short times in my personal life. I don’t remember the exact moment, but at that time I had made the decision for the first time in my life, that I needed to follow my dreams. At that time, it was to get my beautician qualification. Instead of telling me “it’s not possible”, she supported me without any judgement or repercussion. I was able to reduce my full-time job to 80%. On paper. If you’re responsible for people, you know that responsibility can not be measured on paper and stays at 100%, if not more. And driven as I am, I got 3 further qualifications in 1 year. I only got full support and I am forever grateful for that. I could not have been able to do that, if I would not have had someone like her to support me in going for my dreams. 💚

  • Then there is this man, with whom I worked with in the same company. I used to work there as a receptionist and he was a head of department and invited the reception team one day to an afterwork drink. Here’s the thing: How many of us are one personality at work and another one in private? How is that even allowed? Anyway, back to the story…I was so moved by this very kind gesture, as you don’t get a lot of these invitations when you’re “just the receptionist”. I appeared for a very short moment, because that invitation came at a time where I was living in deep depression (here is what I mean with different personality, I don’t think that anyone could tell I was in it). I was on daily cortisone treatment, I gained weight, I felt like a complete failure for a million reasons. Sometimes in life, when you’re stuck in such a dark place, the universe sends you a sign to look up. And that was one of the moments. I don’t know why, but this person had the ability to look at me and made me feel seen. Few weeks after, he came to a meeting and greeted me with a smile, telling me that I was always so radiant. These words and his smile brought me to my knees. My only thought was: if only you knew that just a few days ago I wanted to end it all…I had absolutely no meaning of life in my vocabulary. So many things have changed since then. A year or two later I went to his organized Christmas Party and have been showered with positive comments from amazing people I haven’t even really had the chance to speak with before. Those words are still resonating in my head. I am forever grateful for these little gestures that have had a big impact in my life. 💚

  • Also at a receptionist job, I got to meet a man who actually was the CEO of the company. He called me to his office one day, just to have a chat. This is crazy, isn’t it? I mean, I know I can be oh so charming and I know I am doing a good job, because I chose to only work at what I love doing. However, that made me feel quite strange, to be honest. And even though he had this “position”, he never gave me a hint of feeling that he is something bigger or greater than me. I am so grateful for people in leader positions who are true leaders. Here’s the difference between leaders and bosses: “A boss manages their employees. A leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection.” . I am grateful for the opportunities that I could take and the experiences I got, that he doesn’t even know of. Also for the great people I could meet just because of working at his company and because of his constant effort in being a great leader. We often don’t see how much responsibility and sacrifices leaders are taking and making to keep their company and employees striving. This is to say, that I see it, I value it and I am thankful for it 💚

  • When I used to be a teamleader 10 years ago and was looking for a new team member, a girl came to the interview. I instantly fell in love with her. With her kindness, with her big smile and her gentle heart. However, I had to fight with my manager to hire her, as he wanted to have a man…We ended up hiring a man and her! (yes, I can be so bossy haha). She ended up to be the company’s darling. What can I say, I just have a feeling for people. When I left the company I received a customized Gratitude book from the Company where every employee wrote me a personal note together with a picture. That was the most beautiful gift I ever got and I still have it and love to go through it. “My” girl wrote me: “…without you, a lot of things would not have been so easy. Thank you for always being patient, heartfelt and lovable. For your further path I don’t wish you a life without sorrows, but that you will always have the strength and courage to overcome all valleys…that you just stay the way you are”. I am so honored to have her as my friend today. If she knew, how much those words have been an anchor for me in so many valleys. 10 years have passed and those words are still as powerful 💚

  • Then, there is my guardian angel, as I like to call him. We used to work in the same team and we had so much fun. How blessed can someone be, when you have someone like that in your work environment? Someone you can fool around with, someone who gets you without any words, someone with whom you can work hand in hand and someone who challenges you through thinking. When he left for another job and saw me after a while, he asked me the question of all questions after telling me that I looked terribly sad. He asked me: “Do you think you deserve to be treated that way?”. One question - Course Correction. It’s the very small and simple things, that can course correct us in so many ways if we pay close attention 😉 Thankful in so so so so so many ways!💚

  • One of the most powerful experiences of gratefulness went 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds. It was a cold winter night and I had to get something after work in a store. I was drowning in sadness and self-destructive thoughts when a guy caught my attention, once I opened the door to the store. He had this crazy, colorful tattoo covering his neck. I have a big love for artistic tattoos and that one was crazyyy beautiful. Not only was he walking in my direction as I still held the door but he gave me the most friendliest smile I received since years. And out he went. End of story. I never saw him again . Booohoooo. A smile can truly change your life forever and this was that moment. One stranger giving me a pure smile at a moment I didn’t feel like smiling at all. Forever and ever grateful for that. The saying that a smile can change the world truly applied in that situation 😊

Of course, there are tons of others whom I can mention here. I will for sure at a later point ;-)

I am curious to know: Do you practice gratitude? What did it change for you? Let me know 🤗

Until then, thank you so so much for reading 💚

Much Love and Gratitude and go catch your dreams!

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