I did it!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

That's what I told myself last Saturday, where I had my very first singing performance ever. And although I've been preparing for it for months and although my teacher told me I'm ready, I felt so freaking nervous. 
And because we need some challenges every now and then, I picked two songs that were demanding for me. One song pushed me to take it easy in front of strangers. The other song was not only a challenge vocally but also emotionally. Oh my freaking...!!! 

I was picturing all sorts of scenarios prior to the performance: What if I don't hit the high notes? What if my voice completely disappears? What if I'll not be able to articulate because I can't stop crying? What if I stumble and break my leg? What if I have lipstick on my teeth? What if, What if, What if?

We can get so caught up in those assumptions, isn't it? To a point sometimes, that we get stuck and don't get any further. 
And even if we know that it ain't true, we still feel paralyzed at times. Having people who are trained and standing in another angle can be very very helpful. Although my big massive anxiety got me to toss and turn in my bed at times, I went on. Although my anxiety made it hard to believe my teacher, I went on. 
We are human. As already mentioned so many times before, fear is an emotion, and just an emotion. End of Story.

We all have our so called Comfort Zone. This Zone can feel cozy, just as drinking a Hot Chocolate on the Couch while it's cold and pouring rain outside. This Zone also is very very necessary. Yet, there's a thin line between if it's a retreat for you to resource, or if it is keeping you from growing. Keeping you from catching those dreams. 

Do you have a Comfort Zone that sometimes might more feel like a prison, that is keeping you from reaching and living that dream?
I'll keep this Newsletter short, I'm still digesting. Because even though I've been training like a crazy girl for the past months, I didn't believe I could be able to hit those notes, buuut I did. Bonus: I got very supportive feedback not only from my teacher, but also from total strangers. 

I'm curious to know, are you still hiding in your Comfort Zone or are you ready for growth and get a first glimpse of what your dream can feel like? And also, sharing that dream with others? Imagine how blessed those people are to witness you blossom? You also know, that this is my mission, right? To support and empower you, smart and passionate Dreamcatcher, to catch your dreams to live a happy and authentic life? I am the one in your corner pushing you to get there! Comment, let's chat about it :-) 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)