If Only... Are You Afraid Of The Uncertain?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Any other Disney fans in here?? When I first saw the movie Moana, I got homesick to open skies. Open skies of possibilities and freedom.
Have you ever felt like you don't belong where you are? People look like you, talk the same language, are your "friends" or "family". Yet, everything what so called society makes you believe is right or wrong, just doesn't feel like a fit for you? So So get this!! There's nothing wrong with you. It's them! No, it's not them. It just is how it is, which is a silly answer, I know. You are holding the wheel, where are you choosing to go?

I just discovered something new, that tempts me a loooot to deep dive into it. It makes one thing clear again for me. And maybe that's you too: Setting boundaries. As a Manifesting Generator and 1/3 Profile in Human Design it is in my nature to dive full into something, and mostly into millions of things at the same time. Which is sometimes making me feel really frustrated and making me questioning if there's something wrong with me. Society often wants us to fit in, to follow a structured life, to install habits. Rarely it teaches us, to follow our dreams. Rarely it teaches us, that life is full of obstacles and challenges and that it's absolutely ok and necessary to "fail"! It makes me ask myself if sometimes I should just try to fit in. Or maybe I should not not? Or maybe I just really shouldn't bother at all. It's my life and I'll do with it whatever I want. After all, we are all our own creators of our life. But it can become a real challenge, right? How do you deal with it? 

The future is uncertain. Yes, we can plan and set goals, but how do we react, once we're there and don't hit the target? Upset, Angry, Frustrated, Depressed, Disappointed, etc?
I don't want to seem like the pessimist, because I'm really not.

There's one thing that we need to be very very brutally clear on: The future is an illusion. It's a projection of thoughts, dreams, wishes, whatsoever.

Yes, the achievement of our dreams lie in the future, BUT: it is in the now that we can react accordingly. Don't let the illusion keep you from living in the present moment. That's how most of us get depressed. We have a vision, we then build expectations and when the moment is there and nothing happens as we were expecting it, we get depressed AF. Happened to me trillion and zillion of times. And it still does. And you know what happens next? We procrastinate, We freeze, We get stuck, We feel unworthy and all that stuff. That's absolutely normal. Acknowledge it and then, leave that feeling in the past. Easier said than done, right? Like everything, it takes practice and patience. It's a muscle and needs workout. So, what are you going to work on, right now?
And also inspired by another song by Sheryl Crow - Everyday is a winding road: Feeling fine. Isn't that what we're all longing for at the end of the day?
And do we know the feeling of being the stranger in our own life? Especially when it comes to catching dreams. I for sure do. It can get lonely for various reasons.
We need to narrow down what it is that we really want. Every person can become a distraction or empowerment. Sometimes the people around us can become very energy draining. They might mean well, yet they just might not get you. Every person has its own path, this is very important to realize, do you agree?

If you are someone who's catching dreams, you might realize, that you're growing. You are "different" compared to this time last year and you might hear things like "I don't recognize you, you used to be…." from friends and family. Some might get along with it and some might start to judge you. Sometimes even blame you.
Something to say about this: your tribe is your tribe and it really doesn't matter whether they are friends or family. Love is Love. It doesn't know time, it doesn't count and weigh the times that you stay in touch, it doesn't make you feel guilty. At-No-Time!

Easier said than done, right? Nobody said it was easy. It is necessary though to keep your sanity and energy if you want to be catching your dreams. To do so, start to connect first with yourself, then with likeminded people. Those who truly love and support you. And if it just starts with one person, that can be already more than enough 
I would love to know from you:  How do keep your energy, how do boost your energy and did you have to  burn bridges with some people?

Looking forward to your comments. And always available to start a conversation in any form about catching dreams. The world need people who dream while they’re awake. Are you one of them? ;-)

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)