Ignorance is bliss

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Ignorance is bliss…that’s what the saying goes like…

We attract what we project. That’s a universal law. For a long time I used to say, that the only thing that makes me lose it all is ignorance. I never understood how some could ignore others so bad. How could they not answer messages, how could they not care. 

I have been reading a book by Debbie Ford called "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" and have gone through exercises. She reminds us, how in order to feel whole, we need to embrace everything about us. The Light and the Dark. Only then can we step into our true full potential. I do own a lot of those sides but booooy, that one thing made me laugh out really bad. 

I realized that I can be the most ignorant person on this earth. I sometimes don't get back on messages for ages, I don’t stay in touch, I don’t ask questions, I don’t show interest. The tone in my voice when I’m not "feeling someone" can get really bitchy. I get ice cold because I just honestly couldn’t care any less.

That can get quite frustrating because I’m a really nice person! Does that happen to you as well? 

We ignore, because our dear old friend fear just looooves to play tricks on us. We are afraid of being judged, of being rejected, of being shamed, of making us feel guilty and so many more on that emotional rollercoaster. 

Again a reminder: fear is here to protect us. Thousands of light ages ago, when our dear men went out to hunt big monsters, fear was life savior. Imagine, if they would not have been vigilant while hunting. Or imagine, if us ladies would not have been vigilant keeping the cave? We might have been eaten by some huge, hairy, hungry monster. We live in the 21st century and do not have any big monsters that are life threatening. We have other challenges, yes. Yet, those challenges are mostly there to make us grow. 
When have you been afraid of doing something, did it anyways and the outcome turned out to be just oh-so-freakin-amazing? Yes? happened to you? Let me know!

A few years ago, was a time I realized was rotting from the inside. Being ignored from others has eaten me up. It has been part of my daily life eversince growing up. Once I got to be able to make my living on my own, I thought “Damn, I’m grown, I will not get ignored anymore. I’m through this! ”. Meh! The Universe and Karma didn’t spoil me with attention in my adult life as I anticipated. 

One fine day, I decided that I’m going to ignore the fact being a pathetic kid stuck in a grown up life. I decided to pick myself up and fully get to know myself. Let me tell you one thing: It’s a f***ing hard job! And it’s a process. Like everything is. Every change is scary and messy, that is the circle that we need to be aware of. Because if we're not being aware of it, ain't nooo way to break it, agree? 

Years later, I still can be ignorant AF but I am aware and able to take action. Just like we all are able to react. But also, let's stay real: sometimes, you just got to ignore certain people and situations if it is for your peace sake. Everyone has got its own journey. No shame here!

The best piece of this journey of self-knowledge and passing some fear: I met people and have gotten into opportunities I could have never even dream of. All just by showing up as the good old me. 

A big piece of it: learning about my Human Design - I’ve been just so blown away. As a Manifesting Generator and 1/3 Profile I of course got full in!  I know I’m able to start a million things and pull them trough. It confirmed me that it’s my nature loving to learn and research. I don’t feel guilty anymore being the multipassionate person filled with the need to experience. If that includes falling flat on my face, then so let it be. Failures are stepping stones.

What’s your shady side? Have you suppressed it or are you owning them? Do you need support in digging deeper? Then let me know :-) 

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Until then, let's catch dreams and big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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