Juggling: ...emotions...tasks...and what not...

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Catching dreams sounds great, let's do it!

Once you have defined that dream and are motivated AF, you know that nothing is going to stop you from reaching it. You've been working so hard to reach it, you've dedicated so much time, money, energy to to get one step closer. And no matter what life is going to throw at you, you have the right bat to throw it right back, because you're invincible and committed.

Then, life sends you her friend called reality. Reality is going to challenge hell out of you. It's her job to remind you to ask questions. Questions that you probably know just as well as I do:

  • Why am I doing this do myself?

  • Is this worth the effort?

  • Am I freakin' out of my messed up mind?

  • What if it all fails?

  • Am I a bad partner/friend/parent?

  • Am I selfish?

  • Is it just me?

  • Why don't I just get back to my regular job/life?

  • Can life get more crazy than this?

  • Why does it seem so effortless to all the other trillions of people out there?

  • For real?????

And the list goes on and on and on and on...Feel free to add your most frequent ones and to share them with me!

All these questions tend to lead us towards their dear friends such as procrastination (I swear, this gang is stronger than the whole Marvel cast together!!!). They love to transport us through all sorts of motions and emotions, because why not? This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, useless, stuck, right? I get this! So bad! 

In my last 20 years I have been on various professional paths such as customer service, food service industry, beauty and wellness, security and else. And I've heard and seen so many people avoiding all these questions like crazy! It left them feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, depressed and always on a chase. Chasing the next best offer to go on vacation, chasing the newest trendy clothes/shoes, chasing the passionate/sexy partner, chasing the so called best deal, the big kick. Only to realize that "wait, there's even better out there, let's go hunt some more". It's a hamster wheel, that leaves a lot feeling depleted. Those people are the ones who are going to reinforce those questions mentioned above. Only that now, they put in all their energy and own emotions. And when emotions kick in...good luck! No seriously, it already is challenging enough to deal with our own emotions, isn't it? Yet, we can not isolate ourselves 24/7 and hoping for it to pass.
As I am writing this, I have to admit, that I myself have become the master of isolation. I have always been a very autonomous person since childhood already. Able to do almost everything on my own and never felt really low despite massive amounts of work. Until I allowed emotions to get involved. I got into a relationship that made me question everything. That sort of relationship you don't even wish your worst enemy. The sort of relationship that makes you feel like the loneliest loser in the entire universe. Loser because until now you got all your shit together so well. People predicted a big career for you, because they admire you for your concentration, your effortless way of dealing with people, your fearlessness, your way of juggling with so many things at the same time without it losing value. And then you end up in a place where all you feel is shame, frustration and anger. All of this multiplied with self-destructive thoughts, is a place you don't want to stay. But it happens. 

How did I get out of it and back on track? One word: WORK
As human beings, we are programmed for evolution. It is in our nature to evolve and push further, aim higher, set intentions and working our way towards them. By denying that, we put ourselves in a victim position. We close our eyes to everything and execute. We execute what our boss tells us, we execute what our parents have shown us about relationships, we execute what our teachers have taught us about thinking, we execute what our friends have told us about getting wasted at the coolest party. We execute, that's what most of us have been told to live by. Rarely are we being encouraged by going for our dreams. Even more seldom, do we have the chance to have mentors who stand next to us every step of the bumpy way. 

I took one very small step back then: I signed up for a painting class. Say what? What does that have to do with coming back on track and being where I am today? Everything. I did something that made me happy, that made me be in the moment, that completely took me out of reality. I got laughed at, can you imagine? I would come with all my painting brushes and colors to work, as I was going to class right after.

All it takes sometimes is one step to let some light in the dark room. To show us that there is joy and possibility out there. This class took me to so many other classes where I met amazing and inspiring people. From 60 year old housewives to 20 year old professional dancers who all have one thing in common: They don't give a shizz about what others think. They are happy and just do it. 

So how do we juggle all of this?

  • I can say out of my experience, that awareness is the main key. We are all on a journey that just always loves to grow. But if we're not aware of where we're standing right now, how do we know where we want to go? We work like a GPS, if it doesn't have your current location, ain't no way to get you to the destination. Yes, we can chase all those great things and even enjoy and for sure deserve them. But by not being aware of it, all that we're going to do is chase instant gratification and mindlessly keep on chasing.

  • The second one would be staying gentle towards ourselves, the world is crazy enough, would you agree?

  • One very important aspect in catching dreams: get support! No matter what kind of support. Just have at least one person that sticks with you in the process and who is always there. Emotions will come, judgments will come, silly comments will come, bad energy will come. If you want to take it further, get more support in forms of a coach for example (ahem ahem :-) ). I do have a coach and I would never ever ever ever (multiply by a trillion and zillion times) be where I am today if I did not have someone who has been walking in my babyshoes of building a business and knows what steps are going to support me in going for my dreams. Also, find someone who speaks your language and I mean your soul language.

  • Set goals, but keep them flexible, because there's no such thing as "arriving".

So that when next time those questions arise, you can say: Yes, I am catching my dreams and I am supported. You can throw those questions at me, I will consider giving it a thought and maybe one of the answers will be supporting me by taking the next step. 

Time's up with hiding, Dreamcatcher! Get out there, because you for sure have my support! And if you need even more personal dreamcatching support, you know that I offer you that as well, right? In forms of my Catch Your Creativity and Human Design Packages ;-) For now, I want you to know, that I'm just a message away, if there's anything you'd like to share. I always love to get in touch with you, because your dreams sooooooo deserve to be heard :-) 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)