And time to live your dreams!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Have you also noticed, that the term Self-Knowledge being used quite often these days?

Did you know, that very few are willing to truly dig into their true being? I fully understand, it's scary, right? We are conditioned by society, by our surrounding, by media on "how to…"
And yet: We all have this yearning, for happiness, for peace, for being loved for the person that we are. At the end of day, no matter what your gender, position, race is. We want Happiness, Love, Peace. 

Well at least I do. What we want and what we perceive as "possible", often couldn't be more further apart. We want to perform, but we assume that the competition is too big and there's no chance for us. We want to change our job, but we assume that we are not experienced enough to land the position we dreamed of. We want to start that creative project, but we know we are not as talented, so we don't even try.

I have always wanted to become a Dancer and then a MakeUp Artist / Beautician.  Those have not been an option back at the time, I had to choose something that would be "satisfying" for others but not for me. Who else, has been there?
When I started to earn a good salary, guess what I did: I went to beautician school and got my makeup artist certificate. I started to work in that field for a while, even teaching in a beautician school, as I have been declared as talented.
I quickly realized, that this world didn't feel like I belonged there. Can you imagine, how broken I felt? Have you ever had a dream, went for it and then realized "Sh**, why am I not happy with that decision?"

I went through so many trainings, courses, got various certificates, and didn't feel like getting any damn closer!
Until: I started to sit my buttcheeks on that chair and do some intense inner work and not get back up, until I had a clearer vision. I got into Human Design…and well…what can I say? I am a Manifesting Generator and 1/3 Profile, which explains my multiple and intense paths and trainings.
Yet, the one thing that truly stood out was: the Individual Circuit. I am by far lead by this Circuit which means, that my Mission in this lifetime is to empower others and myself.

Baaaaaaaaam!!! It all makes sense:

I dreamed of being a Dancer because: I wanted to empower myself through my biggest love: music. And empower others in just being entertained and happy

I got trained in…because…:

Beautician: I wanted to empower others to feel confident in their skin
MakeUp Artist: I wanted to empower others to feel beautiful and being able to enhance their true beauty with no big effort
Massage Therapist: I wanted to give people relief and a break from this noisy world
Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultant: I wanted to support others to feel good in their body and give them tools and steps to ultimate health
Mindfulness Practitioner: I wanted to support others in feeling at peace
Master Life Coach: I wanted to empower others in providing them tools to paint their life in their own tones
Human Design: I wanted to empower myself. That's it. Just me. I thought, I need to be selfish for once in my life and do it just for me. Little did I know about the ripple effect.
There you have it. My biggest Dream is to empower you to unlock that potential in you, and to start seeing you giving yourself permission to believe in your dreams. Trust me when I say: If this crazy girl here, is able to write this post and claim her dream, then you, my dear, can do it too. Mmmmh, I can not wait for you to see that glow in your eyes, when you discover your best and most loyal friend: You!
I'm curious to know: what's the dream you're ready to own? What's your biggest Challenge? Comment, send me a message, let's start a conversation. Also, make sure to share with other Dreamcatchers. The world needs us ;-)
 Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)