Are you a mystery to yourself?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Oh, I know I am sometimes a mystery to myself. How about you?

This happens because we live in a time and age where we're forced to use our mind. And because the voices in our mind are so damn loud, we tend to overhear the softer tones that are coming from a way deeper place. Call it your gut, your soul, your heart, your intuition. If you picture it, the mind is actually quite small compared to the the sum of the other voices. 
How come then, that we give it so much more attention? Plus, how come, that we give our mind the priority when it comes to making decisions? 
If you already received one of my Human Design Reports (if you haven't, sign up here), you'll know that, the mind is our database. It is here to process everything. And I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. You probably know that situation of hearing or talking about something, and not being able to stop it, or am I the only one? It might make you turn in bed from one side to the other, walking up and down while trying to sort your racing thoughts. It for sure happens to me.all.the.time. 

What the mind is not: a decision maker. Whoops. Really. 
We have different so called authorities, that are responsible for making decisions.
For example, being in a situation that sounds great to your mind and even is supported by your family and friends. But! it just doesn't feel right in your belly. Know that situation? 

And I am sure, we all know that person who is stuck in a situation, that just is not a fit for him/her. It might be a job, a relationship, the new pair of jeans. 
Even if we are the ones who need to make the decisions over our life, we at times just can not see through the fog. Or even worse: we don't even feel we're in a fog. This is a dangerous place to be, do you agree? But it happens to all of us at some point. We are human. With that come habits. And as you know, habits just happen. They're on autopilot. So much, that we sometimes don't even realize it. 

So how do we become aware of those bad habits? First, are you ready to face your shadows? Because we're all carrying them with us. Only a few though are ready or willing to face them. So often, we prefer staying comfortable. If you want to grow though, you need to deal with getting uncomfortable. Like Einstein already said: "If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you always got".
How do we install good habits? That is worth writing a whole different chapter. The most important thing to know is: be patient. Duuuuh, that's a silly answer, i know. But, it's the most important thing to know, when installing a new habit. We will fall back into our old ones, I can promise you that! So: Patience :-)

Are you ready to do something different? To get out of your shell? To grow into the person your soul is calling for? I am. Does it make it easier? Nope. Do I enjoy it? Not always. 

I give you an example: In the next days/weeks, you can expect me to get reaaaaally uncomfortable, because I am up to asking people directly, if they would/could recommend me to others. It's easy to write and speak into a camera, when you're on this one way street of creating. But we're all in co-creation of our life, so we need to communicate, do you agree? I am one of the biggest introverts on this planet, plus, I am a high-sensitive person (high sensitive really is a thing!), so exposing myself is not something that makes me feel comfortable. But my Why and my Mission/Purpose/Dream is way bigger and is my driving force: I want to empower others to: first give themselves permission and then: catch their dreams. Because I firmly believe that it's our birthright to be happy in being our true authentic selves. And therefor, we need to know who we are, right? But where do we start??? I can give you guidelines, because I've been there. And I am still ongoing, because we're all on this journey of life. That of course also means breakdowns, frustrations, questions over questions whether this is the right thing. Well, there is no such thing as "right" or "wrong". There are so many who claim having the magic potion, and it might be true...for them :-) How do we know if it's right for us? I know that, if I need to make a decision, that I need to listen to my emotions. My emotions come in waves, and if I'm not being mindful, I tend to give in to situations, people, etc.that are not the right fit for me. To my mind some of those decisions might seem completely silly and stupid, but at the end of the day, I want to be happy. We all do, don't we? No matter what. Everything in life comes with a trade off, for better and/or for worse. Our reaction then makes all the difference, because how we react is going to set the tone for the things that follow. 

I want you to know: It is ok to feel pain, fear, frustration, sadness, madness, anger, joy, happiness, pride, all at the same time. Because we're all human after all. We will feel upset, where we want to just smash everything against the wall, and we will feel highs, where we want to hug everyone. Both of them are good :-) Enjoy the process, because after all, the present moment is all we have. Catching dreams is a process and needs to be enjoyed, would you agree? 

Now my question to you: What is your dream? What keeps you from going for it? Are you living your dream? What empowers you? Let us all knooow :-)

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)