Perfection is real only in Fiction

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Here's a little task for you: Picture a perfect day...Picture the perfect partner...Picture the perfect career...Picture the perfect dress, the perfect house, the perfect make up, the perfect piece of art....

Take it as an experiment and ask at least 2 people on what they consider being perfect. You can also picture them in your vision on what they would say. Would they have the exact same picture than you have on what is "so called" perfect? 

Today, i am comfortable not wearing tons of make-up, comfortable staying at home and not go out for social events that have always been sucking my big introvert’s energy due to useless small talks. I am comfortable in wearing my wavy hair instead of straightening them, comfortable in taking the courses that i want to take and making them a priority, comfortable to have my own opinion, my own voice...

In short I am comfortable in being what a lot perceive as not perfect

It hasn't always been that way though. Growing up, I hated everything about my face! There wasn't a single thing (except maybe my lashes) that I liked. I quickly became so hooked on make-up because, excuse me, it does wonders!!!!! Have you ever looked at these before and after pictures and asked yourself hoooow the heck did they do that? I have become obsessed with it.

As a little child at the age of 4, I already knew, that make-up has the capacity to distract from other things. I remember that I received a make-up box for kids one day. I don't know if they still exist but if someone would offer me that today, I will again be in heaven!!! It had stockable small lipsticks in all colors, from green to red over purple and blue and creamblushes with glitter  >> again heaven for little me! I would always envy my mom who never left the house without putting on her red lipstick and I couldn't wait for the day to be able to wear red lipstick myself.

One day came (still at the age of 4) where my fringe kept poking my eyes. You know that feeling when every move of your face just annoys you? So I went to my personal hairdresser a.k.a. my mom to ask if she could cut it. I asked once, twice, and always got the reply that she didn't had time now. Since young age some of my typical character traits have always been independent and stubborn. So what did i do? YES!! I got the scissors and started to cut cut away this very annoying eye-poking fringe. While I was standing in front of the mirror my thoughts went: "uh-oh I am going to get into trouble" (and if I got that feeling already at that age, you can imagine how bad it looked) 

So what did I do? I quickly got my magic make-up box and put every single color on my little face, because I knew when my mom would see me, she would be so distracted that she wouldn't notice the mess I did with my hair. Guess what: It worked :-) ...for exactly 2 seconds :-D but hey, it worked!

How often do we get influenced by other people's perception of what perfect is? Especially today... how many times have you seen tutorials on whatever, and thought: I want to do that, I want to look like that, I want to be exactly like that person.

Have you ever asked yourself if that very person might have the same thoughts too? No one grows up alone, we all have some sort of mentor as a kid that we look up to, don't we? Even if they're bad mentors, we think they're right as a child, don't we? and why is that? ...because we don't know. End of the story

There is a quote by Antoine de St.Exupéry (if you haven't read the little prince:go get the book now!!): Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
And by the pace of this world which comes up with new things, new inventions, new thoughts almost every second, I ask you: how are we ever going to achieve a point where there will be nothing more to add? The answer is quite simple: You chose! It sometimes is hard to swallow but you always have a choice. Yes, you do!

My perfect life as a teenager was being on stage, mainly dancing, being surrounded and loved by all my favorite artists. Has that changed? hmmm, not really hahaha. It hasn't, mainly because I love staying in that state of dreaming and also because I know I am in the process and taking a step or more towards it :-) 

Yet today, I am at peace...more or less, because let's be real: we all have these days where we feel worthless, ugly and unloved. And I want you to know: You are perfect in your imperfection, just the way you are. And if you don't believe it, write it on your desktop, on your mirror, anywhere where you can see it and know that you are always enough! Without any exception because perfection is real only in fiction and in case you need a reminder: Welcome to the real world - where we dream, where we fly high, where we fall flat on our face, where we love, where we cry, where we get frustrated and .....(fill in the gap with whatever else comes in to your creative mind)

It is up to us, to define what our own personal definition of that word perfection is because it is different for every single one of us.

And you have me to remind you of that, so let's catch your dreams!

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