What follows after setting the tone?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Have you noticed, that I started to share song lyrics on Social Media as inspirations this week? So much fun! Please keep sharing with me the songs that inspire you most, that uplift you, that make you feel understood! 

This week I have been sharing "Dreams" by Gabrielle and  "Affirmations" by Savage Garden (I know, I'm in full Flashback mode).

Dreams are such a vulnerable place, right? We know we have them, yet following through is quite a challenge sometimes, do you agree?
Sometimes, it can become so overwhelming, that we'd rather stick our head in the sand and let our buttcheeks burn in the sun (if only summer was here already!).

I for sure have been there and still am sometimes. But guess what: Welcome to being human! Those peaks and valleys are absolutely natural and happen to all of us. All the difference comes to the way we react on it. 

How do we react, when we are laughed at? 
How do we react, when we are not taken seriously? 
How do we react, when all our thoughts and dreams just become soooo big, that it paralyzes us? 

You can either: 
A: get your buttcheeks burned, while sticking your head in the sand and eating raw crunchy crabs, or
B: you become aware and set your tone

Setting the tone is so important! 

How would you react, if your absolute favorite song sounded compleeeetely different, because someone set the wrong first tone and therefor changes the entire magic of that song? Confused, right?

Same with everything in life. 

What do you think happens in our brain and soul when we dream? Everything is connected with each other. We are an energetic being, that runs 24/7. Dreams are a motor of that energy. They are actually our guide in life. And just like a car, it needs to be used. A song needs to be played. So, what is going to be your very first tone of your very own life soundtrack? 

Mine has been to realize, that I am meant to be doing something else. That made me take a deep dive into my inner wold and lead me to realize that I: 

1: needed to start owning, that I'm a creative person (because I've always been told, that by being creative I don't make a living. That of course led me to massive limiting beliefs on money, but I'll save that topic for another time) 
2: have always had the drive to empower others
3: always was interested in people's dreams. I always used to ask people "are you now doing, what you've always dreamed of doing?" Do you know, how many super successful people and told me "Oh God, no!"?
What I'm trying to say: Don't get blinded by others. You write your own personal melody.

Successful or not, so often we don't go for our dreams, out fear of being judged, etc.. At times, we get along with that for a very long time only to wake up one fine day thinking: "something's wrong". Or we carry this suffering like a heavy cross on our shoulders, day in and day out, blaming ourselves, blaming the world. 

This decision of taking a deep dive and setting a first tone, lead me to taking all sorts of courses, meeting all sorts of people, working through all sorts of limiting beliefs.
Have you also been there? It can feel like running down a rabbit hole sometimes, doesn't it? We run, we tear down walls, we might isolate ourselves, only to realize "Hold on! Where am I?". Asking yourself that question, in my opinion is important. We need to re-assess every once in a while, to make sure, that we're on a happy yellow road. Otherwise we might end at the complete other side, only to feel frustrated. Yes, goal setting, I find, is important. What I find even more important is to do a check-in with your dreams. How it feels to you. What you're happy and grateful for (because if there isn't anything on that journey of catching dreams that fills you with joy and laughter, then you might consider taking a deeper dive into your inner world).

Just like a song doesn't just have one note, life doesn't either. It has slow and higher tempo, it has loud and soft tones. It spreads joy, sadness, love and so many more feelings. 

But setting the first tone is important in order to start writing, living and owning your very own song. And trust me, this melody is going to start writing itself, because things will align. And when that happens: woooohoooo! Go praise yourself, dear Dreamcatcher!  

Did you already set the first tone / writing your own soundtrack? Or are you still trying to find the right beginning? My little insight of the week, from my singing rehearsal: "Just have fun, the rest will follow". And because I know first hand, I can so support and empower you, but you know that, right? :-) 
Now your turn: I'm always happy to receiving your insights on catching dreams. Comment and let's get into a conversation :-) Till then: 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)