Show Up!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

As the Dreamer that I am, and working as the Dreamcatcher Coach, I of course fully believe that dreams are our guide and absolutely achievable. 

However, Dreams are also a private space, would you agree? They have been so private to me, that I always used to (and still at times) escape into my own personal Dreamland and stay there for hours. Hours, Days, Weeks, Years go by, and instead of getting things done, I have been daydreaming all along. Do you know that too, or am I really such a freak? 

While this might feel safe and comfortable to us, how are we ever going to get the message out, that we have something that we would love to experience instead of dream about? 

What if, we change perspectives and see our dreams as goals? What do we need to reach that goal? A couple of things are supporting us in reaching our dreams. Things like:

  1. setting our intention - why do we want this dream? 

  2. putting emotions into them - how are we going to feel, once we reach that dream? 

  3. and the most important: show up! And that, is the hardest one, would you agree? Sometimes, we would just prefer to not doing anything at all. Especially, if we're not seeing any results nor any progress. In those cases, remind yourself of the first two things. And then re-assess. By doing the re-assessment, you're making sure, that you're staying on a track, that is making you feel happy. 

You probably know those monkeys in our brains, do you? They keep jumping from one side to another. They are amazing in keeping us distracted. However, there is a chance for us to quiet them and give them some bananas. 

We need to give our brain very clear information. In doing that, we start to direct our brains in unconsciously aligning with the path to our goals. In getting clear on the "Why", we basically get our brains in showing us the "How".

"Consistency is the Mother of Mastery" - this is a brain tattoo, that we probably all need as a reminder. Please remember, even if you're thinking, that nothing is moving, it is. Trust, Trust, Trust. 

Keep believing and catching your dreams, and share with me what your Challenges and Success are. I would love to hear about it and start a conversation. 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)