Because some things need to be said...

✨Share with those who need support in intimacy✨Explicit Content, please use your earphones if kids are around,thank you 💓

First and foremost, I want to make sure to create a safe space for us: No judgment, No resentment and unconditional love and support, because this is what you'll get from me 💓

As the Dreamcatcher Coach, it is my mission to support others giving themselves permission to dream, to live a happy, authentic life.

The thing about authenticity is that it can be a hard Challenge. Most prefer to fake it till you make it. I tried, it's not working for me...Yes it's uncomfortable, but that's where growth begins, and I am tired being stuck in this space, so some things need to get out there to empower others to get a chance to breathe and know that they are not alone.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an awkward yet comforting feeling around intimacy. It's the one massive block that is keeping me personally from going for my dreams.

So now, I'm stripping it all down. Isn't that weird? Feeling strange around the most beautiful thing on earth? It doesn't have to...

Know I'm right here by your side. Catch your dreams, because your soul deserves it💓 And do share this with those who need to hear it. Thank you 💓

Much love,