It's time to own your dreams!

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

3 short reasons why I chose to call myself the Dreamcatcher Coach:

  • I am an advocate for believing in Dreams

  • I know how it feels to not be allowed to dream

  • I witnessed that Dreams come true, if you fully put your focus on it

I don't know why, but THE thing that has always fascinated me was: what others dreams were and if they are living it right now.
Are you living your dream or taking steps towards them? Or are you living in the grey rut, asking yourself "why and what the heck am I doing here?".
Oh, I know that rut!
I also know the sensation, of feeling completely lost. I knew, something was waiting for me on the other side of that wall, but I just didn't know what it was.

I also know the even more frustrating feeling of anxiety, when I started to get a clearer vision of where my path is going. Questions like "How am I supposed to be doing that? Am I good enough? What will my surroundings say about me?"

Yet, at the very beginning of last year, I made a decision: This year is going to be the year of Challenges and Trust.
I finished my Master Life Coach training, I pursued with Human Design training and throughout the whole year I have been working with my Coach. I even decided to fly from Zurich to New York to spend an entire day with her, to create my business plan for my Dreamcatcher Coach business. For one day, people! That's how serious I am about this!

As I sat by the window on that plane, I watched the long anticipated movie The Greatest Showman. When the song "a million dreams" started to play, I felt my heart stop beating for a moment. I stopped breathing. My ears were fully hypnotized by the lyrics of that song. Have you ever felt that way, listening to a song or hearing someone speak?
That feeling when you want to make sure to soak in every letter? The movie plays in New York, with the main Character going for his dream, despite what others say. He plays full out, he fails, he conquers and falls, but in the end, ends up living his dream.
Listening to "I close my eyes, and I can see, a world that's waiting up for me, that I call my own…" made me bury my head in my scarf and completely wet it with my tears. I was on my way to NYC – the City where Dreams come true, to see my Business Coach to start that business as the Dreamcatcher Coach. I wasn't prepared to get such a big sign on my flight, that this was the best decision ever.
So, despite fall backs and doubts, I still fully believe in this dream. You know why?
Because I believe in You. Yes, You!
The One, who is talented AF! The One who is motivated to own it! The One who is called crazy! The One who is the Outcast and has no problem with that.

I say to you: Welcome home! This is the place where we want to start to work together! Yet, those Challenges, right? I have a bulletproof term that supports your dreams in such a powerful way: "Self-knowledge". If you’re subscribed to my Newsletter, then you can be sure to get the link to my Webinar replay on that topic.
Till then, I'm curious to know: what's the dream you're ready to own? What's your biggest Challenge? Comment, send me a message, let's start a conversation. Also, make sure to share with other Dreamcatchers. The world needs you ;-)

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)