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it's so damn time!

There's a word that keeps on popping up everywhere I look. A word that is used so often that it has become so normal to read about it. Something that a lot of successful people use as their asset. A word that you have probably heard as well. The word is called Mindset.

As I was reading about some people writing about on how important and necessary it is to have the right mindset, I felt a big knot in my gut moving up to my throat and then saying out loud: Bullshit!

How could that happen? Everyone is so hyped on having the right mindset. I'm a certified Master Life Coach. Coaching focuses a lot about getting your mind into the "beneficial" state. My specifications are the areas of Happiness and finding your Life Purpose. Bundled with setting goals and working on them to get you to get there.

But here's the thang: Our mind is our database. It is here to process everything that we feed him (or her? is there a specification?...off topic). While it is crucial and necessary to process, to think, to store - when it comes to making decisions it absolutely not helpful!

How often have you been in situations where everyone around you and all media platforms are preaching you to make that one decision? Or, how often have you been stuck in a place that everyone considered so perfect?

But your soul felt empty. Your heart felt wrenched. Your spirit felt lost.Your mind kept telling you "You'll get used to it. All you need is to do is give it some time". So what do we good citizens of the world do? We give it time. One fine day we wake up and think "It just doesn't feel right! I don't have an explanation for it, but my gut says something different".
You then break out and do things that are against all odds and discover that this is the life you're supposed to live. You feel alive, you feel your heart, soul and spirit humming again.

The explanation is simple according to Human Design: Our mind is here to process and store. But there is the one thing that is here to support you in making decisions. It's called our Authority. It shows us on how to best make decisions that are going to fulfill us with joy. You know, the ones that are going to make you feel uncomfortable because so many tell you to use your mind?

How often did we expect someone in our close surrounding to make the right decision that makes them happy but we just never found the right words to get them "there"? With my Human Design Offer, you can actually have the right words to say and remind them to use their Authority.

I am offering bundled Human Design Reports for family, friends, colleagues. Those with whom you would like to really be connected to. You get a discount starting at 5 reports. And also, ahem, it’s the holidays sooner than we think. Just sayin’ ;-)

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