To Hell with that Comfort Zone

Dear Dreamcatcher,

Would you be reading this, if I would have stayed in my Comfort Zone? 
Would I be calling myself the Dreamcatcher Coach, if I would have decided to keep on playing small? 


I would not be chasing my own dreams in being able to support and empower others to give themselves permission to dream. 
I would not be telling myself constantly that all those fall backs, pains, moments of deep frustration are all temporary. 
And literally forcing myself to do things that have absolutely nothing to do with my coaching practice to keep my sanity and reminding me, that life is way more than just one goal.
I am going to be honest, that catching dreams is a hell of a challenge at times, can you relate to that? 

These always damn recurring questions, if all that frustration, if all those tears, if all these efforts are worth it? 

My honest answer to that would be: I don't have a single idea at times if it's worth it. 

I have always been taught, that I need to keep playing it small. Some things are reserved to others but not to us, Some people deserve to have: fame, money, success. And some certainly not. 
The main title of that lame excuse is: it's our destiny

Deep down, I never believed in that stupid excuse. However, if we are surrounded by a majority of those Dreamsnatchers, it's hard not to, right? we even try to be compassionate, but sometimes life puts us to a test.

But what do we do, if there seems no way out, right now? My answer would be: I do my best to anchor myself as deep as possible, so that even the biggest typhoon will just be leaving bruises. 
We all face these typhoons, don't we? We get hurt, we suffer, we think there's no end in sight. 
Only by boldly embracing ourselves, can we face those sneaky storms. And by facing those storms, we step out of our comfort zones, that usually keep us really comfortable. But guess what happens at the end of this comfort zone? We grow into new dimensions, which is amazing, right? 

In which dimensions are you willing to grow into? I’m looking forward hearing it from you :-)

One single step gets us so far. My first step was taking a painting class. Unlocking my creativity. You can have a first step by subscribing below, to get 5 daily doses of unlocking your creativity. Plus, it’s absolutely free!

Big hugs to you