What if the only things that keep you from your dream are...?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

What if? What if your dreams are being kept from becoming reality because of excuses? Excuses are the lies that our fears tell us. Hard pill to swallow, but the truth is not always soothing, right?

What if we started a conversation around:
What dreams have been vanished into the deepest dark of your soul by so called excuses?Excuses from others and/or from ourselves (and btw: we can be our worst enemy, isn't it?)

For me, the excuse of wanting to become a dancer/make up artist was: you don't make money being creative...
Well, dear fear: I realized through my courses/trainings in the past years, that there are actually a lot of people that make money by being creative

The excuses! for wanting to call myself the Dreamcatcher Coach were:

  • You don't know  enough

  • You don't have the required experience

  • No one cares about dreams, everyone assumes that they are nothing but shadows

Let's deconstruct:

  1. Not knowing enough: to me, it comes from comparing. Thinking I need to know aaaaaaaall the things and then burying my confidence under excuses like "I need to learn this/know about that, in order to…". Anyone else?

  2. You don't have the required experience: oh give me a break! Who has heard that excuse? Especially, as a life coach. We tend to think, that we need to know it all in order to best serve our clients, don't we? Question: Do you know anyone who knows it aaaaaall? Who has experienced everything, that you can possibly experience?

  3. No ones cares about dreams: give me a double/triple break please! My experience: Everyone loves to talk about their dreams, especially to someone who doesn't judge them. And I'm all in, to hear about your dreams! And even more: I'm all in in supporting you catching your dreams! But you know that ;-) 

Like the Quote says "Dreams are illustrations from the book the soul is writing about you". How often, do we let it happen, that someone else is holding the pen in writing our story? How often are we being dictated by others? And how often, do we let that book get covered in dust? As for me, in some things way too often. Where does that lead? In waking up one fine day, thinking: What the Heck am I doing? Why am I here? How can I pull my dream off? Does that sound familiar to you? I don't want anyone to stay stuck in that feeling. We all do get stuck, but! we can get moving forward and I can certainly support you in just that :-) 

In various ways, as you know. Either in getting your personal Human Design Report, where you'll get the confirmation, that you are not crazy ;-) You're designed as a gift to this world. If you add my Coaching Offer, wooohooo, we can pull this off the ground. Are you ready for it? 
Comment to ask me any questions about the offers and I'll be more than glad to answer. 

Don't stay feeling stuck and start catching your dreams!

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)