What dream of yours is hiding under the blanket?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

The question of all questions, right? Am I, or am I not? Is it "worth" the effort or is it not? Am I going to stay under this cozy and protecting blanket or am I going to expose myself and do it the heck anyway? 
What actually is going to happen when others actually realize that I exist? 

Oh my...these questions are all too familiar to me. To you as well? 

As I shared earlier this week on my Social  Media (Btw, I'll be coming back with more Videos, so make sure to pop in every once in a while. I prefer doing live videos, because, ahem, I get to interact with you and I don't need to wait hours for the upload and you'll get the content straight away ;-) ), I am taking vocal classes since almost 3 years now and I haven't really been telling anyone. The thing is, that at the end of this month of June, I will be having my very first singing performance. And it makes me freak out! Really! As you know, I am half Filipina. My parents live in the Philippines. And maybe you know, that in the Philippines, going to Karaoke is like going out for dinner. It's very normal. Although I enjoyed singing, I only felt comfortable singing for myself and never in front of others.

Because out of fear of: 

  1. being judged

  2. failure

  3. being laughed at

Now, I already agreed to performing and can not go back anymore...Growth begins at the end of our Comfortzone, right? I haven't really figured out what kind of growth is lying behind that, but we'll figure it out together, shall we? 

I would love to share a little something, that I have been immersed  in lately. It's about...tadaaaa: limiting beliefs. These sneaky little beliefs that can make it or break it. And it happens really really quickly. 

We are made out of beliefs. They influence our every action, and especially reaction. When do they start? As crazy as it sounds, but those beliefs already start in our mother's womb. We feel for example, if we are "wanted" or not. When we then start to take our first breaths, we get into survival mode. Because we are completely dependant on our parents, and see them naturally as our role models, we take in everything that they tell us to do (and not to do). Have you ever been mirroring other people as a kid, only to then to get grounded to stop copying others? At the very core, we take on other people's beliefs to protect ourselves. Which is great, right? The downside is, that those beliefs start to get stronger and stronger and turn more into unconscious assumptions and limitations.

Because, yes:

  1. I am afraid of being judged, but is that life threatening? No.

  2. I am afraid to fail. Is that life threatening too? No.

  3. And I am afraid to be laughed at. Is thaaaat life threatening? Heck No.

And yet, we have them. What do we do to avoid being consumed by them? Very "silly" answer: We need to get aware that we have them. We need to pull out our detective and start to lighten up that unconscious pattern, that is keeping us from catching our dreams. 

Rarely we are being taught that, right? Also rarely, are we being taught that Dreams are meant to be caught, for they are our truest guide. Don't take that as an excuse. You alone, have the entire power to get everything into motion. Everything. Now.
It's not really my biiiig dream to sing on stage. It for sure is, to inspire others to catch their dreams. Inspire others to give themselves permission to be their true authentic self and being totally ok and happy with it. On stage, backstage and without any stage at all. Who knows? That might be a step towards that goal, right? We don't know, if we don't try, do you agree? 

What is the unconscious part in you, that you need to lighten up and saved from that heavy blanket? Comment and share to start catching dreams together! 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)