What you don't know about me...

Dear Dreamcatcher :-)

another week has gone by.
Another week of executing whatever we need to execute. For our job, for our family, for our friends, for our life...

Untypical and long post, but some things need to be said anyways :-)
I'll also do a Video about it, so look out for that as well. 

As you might know, I am in the midst of preparing a new offer for you. 
I'm so immersed in it, that I have been spending countless hours, studying, creating and being fascinated all over by how much this can support us with answering questions such as "who am I?", "how do I make decisions that bring me joy?" and so much more.
I am so so happy with the result which I will be sharing with you very soon :-)
This will be one of the first offers. Look out for another one coming up as well ;-)

Ever since launching my Dreamcatcher Coach-Baby in August 2018, I have been successfully coaching my first clients, which makes me super happy. I am creating content very consistently and I am hoping to inspire you to get up and catch your dreams!

However, we experience fall backs over and over again in life, right?
Let me share some personal facts  with you that most of you don't know:

  • I grew up with a disabled grandmother who lived with us for my first 9-10 years. She has suffered a stroke right before my birth and was paralyzed and couldn't speak.

  • My godfather with whom I partly grew up and whom I have always known as a strong and hard working man his entire life, has been diagnosed with dementia and parkinson disease as soon as he got into early retirement. His last 15 years he only existed lying in bed like a baby, pumped up with drugs, not being able to remember anything (nor anyone) or talk.

  • The first guy I ever fell in love with at the age of 18 died very early from a rare disease.

  • One of my closest friends has been diagnosed with a very heavy cancer at the end of 2017 and went through the whole heavy therapy stuff the entire last year.

2018 has been a heavy rough ride on so many levels and I am only scratching the surface here.

  • And just when I thought, I could breathe in 2019, 2 weeks ago a family member suffered a stroke at not even the age of 30.

We so often assume, we know someone, right? We also often think, we still have time to do whatever in...hours/days/weeks/years.
When I hear people talk about me, I hear things like: "charming, beautiful, calm, joyous, happy, radiant, etc.". So often, we get blinded by appearances, don't we?  However, those attributes are not appearances of mine, they come from my deepest essence and that's why people feel it.
Because all these fall backs have taught me one very specific thing at a very young age and reminding me over and over again:
I only have this one life in this body. I never ever want to hear me say "What if..." or "If only...".
It made me a control freak, I admit. I fully admit that.
And I have been working through quite some things these past years and have experienced breakthroughs and breakdowns.
I can not say that I have the magic pill to only get the breakthroughs. Because there is no light without shadow.
My fall backs have sharpened my intuition and made me a very intense person. Too intense for quite some people. And that's ok, because again, everyone has its own path.

What I can say though is following:

  • you are unique in your own way

  • you only have this one life, it's up to you to do with it, whatever you chose to do

  • the world needs Dreamers, I can not stress that enough!

  • not only does it need Dreamers, it needs Dreamcatchers! Those who are going for it! Those who feel their fear and do it the hell anyway!

If you catch yourself asking "That sounds great but how?", I would say "Just do". Easier said than done, right?
That's the question I have been asking myself over and over again.

Have you ever been in that situation, where you're standing in front of that wall and you don't know how to get on the other side? And you know that there is something great on the other side! Yet, you don't see a door, you don't have a key and you don't have a damn unicorn to jump onto that flies you on the other side. How I was looking for that Unicorn!!!

You know what helped me very quickly? 1 word. Coaching.  A word that holds so much treasure. And yet, a word that also means work.
As your coach, I am certainly going to be the one, cheering you on, motivating and supporting you.
But, being the person getting coached: you have to do the work and you need to want it! And if you want it, trust me, we'll get you there :-)

Something, that has been a fire starter in almost every situation was: getting to know myself.
How many do you know, that are just living to "execute"? How many of those are constantly complaining?
You are not part of that tribe and I know that you are here to catch your dreams as well :-) Yet, would you agree, that:

  • we often stand in our own way?

Have you often asked yourself, what would happen, if we knew ourselves so so well, that we would not need any excuses but instead stand up and accept the fact that we are that way? Would you also agree that we will become invincible?
 {insert some really heavy invincible sound} 

What I have been confirmed in, is:

  • I stand up for Authenticity and Individuality

  • I am very highly intuitive

  • I feel things very intensely.

I have also been confirmed that I have a sense of what is going to happen in the future (Ok, that sound witchy, but here's another fact about me: my family motherside have been shamans and healers for generations, so...I let you draw the picture )

Look out for the next weeks, because not only will I reveal some more things about me, but I also will be sharing with you more about my future offers.

Until then, my dear Dreamcatcher, take good care of yourself and hug someone today (and if it's just yourself, you deserve it more than anything)

I'm sending big hugs your way! 
Anabell :-) 

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