When we're just fed up

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

Let's be real, sometimes you just want to throw everything in a box, burn it down and throw the ashes over No Man’s land. Sometimes, everything just seems so overwhelming. And why does it sometimes appear, that everything comes at the same time? 

All of the sudden:

  • bills come in, that you forgot about

  • someone gets sick

  • you just can't get no sleep

  • you get a tight deadline for a project at work

  • your monkeys in your brain keep on playing ping pong with your thoughts and emotions

I can tell, from my experience, that there are moments in my life, where I feel like suffocating, because it just all comes together. And just when I thought, I have it seen and felt it all…something else adds up to it.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

I guess this phenomenon happens to every single one of us. If you are not one of them, please share your secret with us :-) 

And yet, we have dreams, right? Mostly, we would even know, what we need to do, to get “there”. But then…”Where to start?”

What happens in our brain when overwhelm kicks in? 

  1. Overwhelm happens, when goals that we set, are either too big, or too small.

  2. Too small, because you know, that there is so much more you can do. But your inspiration is just playing hide and seek.

  3. And then, there are the too big goals. Big time for me! My dreams have never been heard, so I stopped them completely, assuming that “dreams are nothing but shadows”. Without even expressing them, I kept hearing things like “Those people are successful, because they were born into a privileged family”, or “This is our Destiny”, or “They have been gifted with talent”. Needless to say, that I haven’t even considered to sharing my dreams, out of fear I might get laughed at or judged. I have been judged too much already. I didn’t need anyone to add up something. Can you relate?

So, what do we do, when our goals are waaaay too big? Waaaaay to unrealistic?

First: Dreams are not nothing but shadows. Every success started with a dream. Every idea has been a dream.

Second: We need to value our dreams, for they are our guide. (writing this, I realize, I am mostly writing this as a reminder for myself)

I know it is a challenge, that I so often face as well. And even though, I call myself the Dreamcatcher Coach, I also doubt my dreams at times. Because, life happens…

Here are some tools, that can help to build that stairway to Dreamland:

  • Define clearly, what dream you’re having. And I mean, be really as precise as you can possibly be.

  • Define why you want this dream. Have a big enough reason why. Again, our mind loves to get precise direction. If we are not being precise, it will not be able to get us there.

  • Put emotions into it. No emotions = No life. Bring this baby to life. Picture yourself, living the dream. How does it look? Who are you surrounded by? Are you happy? Are people around you happy? Are you feeling fulfilled? Energized? Loved? Supported? Safe? etc.

The most important tool to remember: Be aware of fall backs. Every Change can turn into a massive challenge. Remember the Cycle of Change? That vicious cycle?

It starts with:

  1. being frustrated 

  2. making the decision, that something needs to change 

  3. taking the first step towards the change 

  4. Amnesia, meaning we forget the reason why. We think, that the way it has been previously, wasn’t thaaaat bad 

  5. so, we fall back to being frustrated

The second most important tool: Get accountability. Find someone who is supports your dreams. You know, of course, that I am the biggest support for that, right? (click here, to work with me) 
Also, if your direct surroundings is not on the same path, get online. We live in a world of full abundance, including inspirational people which are exposed all over the internet.

I’m curious to know, what has been keeping you from going for dreams? I’m always one message away, to receiving your input. Also, if you know someone who might need to read this, please share to show you care :-)

Until then, I’m sending big hugs your way. You got this!

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-)