Why can't we see it?

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

We all heard the saying that the truth lies within us, right?

Does that mean that everything around us is a lie? At lot of times it seems as if everything around us is an illusion and keeping us from being our true authentic self, would you agree? 

As I wrote this message, I realized that this is more of a personal reminder but I'll share it with you as well :-) 

In a glimpse, August 20th to be exact, is my first year anniversary, which of course got me reflecting on quite some things…

Throwback to May 2018 : New York City, feeling all the emotions while sitting on a bench in the middle of Manhattan between all sorts of people, soaking in all the energy (and the sun of course).

I flew to New York to kick off my business with the coolest, supportive Coach evaaa! Feeling all the emotions. Fear, Excitement, Anxiety, Kickass-Commitment.
I then launched my Dreamcatcher Baby on August 20th. 1 year has passed by so quickly and all those emotions are still in. 

When people ask me what I do, I still am catching myself that I don't really tell them. We live in a world, where having dreams is being unrealistic. "Dreams are nothing but shadows". "I am too old for dreaming". "Who am I to have dreams?". People are making fun of it. Yet, we all had dreams, didn't we? 
I still mostly just answer that I'm a Life Coach. Where I live, people don't even understand what that is. Why should I then even start telling them that I am a Master Life Coach and that I call myself the Dreamcatcher Coach? 
All those limiting beliefs, right? We need to start somewhere, though. And the first step often is the haaaaardest!!!
I had to learn to not take others journey personal. Everyone has their own path. If they don't want to understand, let them be. If they want to share their dreams, I am more than ready to listen!

So, I am committing to myself to answer (whether they're ready or not), that I am the Dreamcatcher Coach. Period. If they want to know more, I'll gladly tell them that I support smart, passionate people in giving themselves permission to believe in their dreams and to catch them. Because we all have the birthright to live a happy, authentic life, don't you think? 

Also, when I tell people what I do, I sometimes get following reaction: Oh, I know soooo many people who need you! They are so grumpy, so depressed,so frustrated. Let me get this clear: I am not a therapist. I support those who want to be supported. Those who are committed in following that voice within to follow their dreams. How many people do we know, that we tried to convince of doing something but all the work we did didn't help, because that other person just wasn't ready. You need to want this. Period. Because if not, it's a waste of time and energy. Painful yet true. 

I would have all sorts of reasons to stop it all. So so so many reasons. Yet, my inner whisper tells me to keep going. It tells me, that there are people out there who are:

  • tired of living in this rut

  • tired of following masses

  • tired of wondering if there's more out there for them

It also tells me to look for those who: 

  • are looking inwards

  • take responsibility

  • commit

I am one of them, how about you? It is a challenge sometimes indeed, but everything in life is, when it's new. So often, we let fear push us back into our comfort zone.
That's when we need someone who's been walking in those shoes already and can tell you what you can expect and how you can best prepare to keep going instead of procrastinating.
Someone who is going to remind us of who we actually are and what actually is making us happy.
Someone who makes us reflect on ourselves.
Because I truly believe that self-knowledge is a main key to happiness. When we know ourselves, we are less likely to take up with all the bullshit that we might be facing every once in a while. 
And you know, that I can deliver both, right? I can support you in self-knowledge through not only my Master Life Coaching training but also through my Human Design readings. Both of those infused by joy, intuition, kickass commitment are going to be so so so beneficial for all of us. 

Because the world needs more people who are giving themselves permission to believe in their dreams and go catch them. That's my mission and I'll go on for another year and I am so so grateful that you're coming along. 

I would love to know from you: what is the dream that makes you want to hide and that you're ashamed to share? 

Comment and invite others to join! And go catch your dreams, time's up hiding!

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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