Why we need to work together

Hey Dreamcatcher :-)

As some might know, I launched my 8 week program "Catch Your Creativity" last year.

In this program I am working with you on your very own personal project and bringing it to life after it has been slumbering in your soul for far too long.

How would you feel if you saw it come to life and knowing that others would admire you for that? Would you feel: Authentic? Worthy? Talented? Yes! and you'll have me to push through :-)

Some might not know, that without having a coach and accountability partners myself, I would so not be able to even get out of my warm bed sometimes.
Life happens, right? We experience fall backs, pain, struggle and what not.

All those moments that make us doubt, worry and feel worthless.

All those questions if this is right? Well, if it feels right in your core, then it is ;-) 

Because I know those worries too well
Because I have tools of structure you can hold on too
Because I am the most freaking supportive person 
You can start to stand in your Power
Because the world needs you!
Trust me it does!

So it is time to be a hero or a shero ;- )
Last year I officially started to coach as the Dreamcatcher Coach in order to support others catching their dream. Catching not chasing. We want to make sure to see results right?
And as I got into depth of what a Life Coach is all about, I realized that I have been doing this actually almost my entire life.
I hold people accountable and I am a great listener. And above all, I always wanted everyone to feel empowered and confident in their Authenticity.
It took me a while to get to the core of that conclusion, though.
Through my Trainings, Courses, Workshops, Coachings, People I've met, I have been given tools in how to truly achieve success in exactly that. And oh my!! I'm sometimes surprised myself :-D

Would you agree, that success doesn't  always come easy? Especially if it's something you have been procrastinating on for so long? Maybe it's also something that others laughed about or didn't give any attention. Yet, dreams always find a way to come back to the surface. Because they want to be caught ;-)
All my previous clients have been taking action right after our first session, which is amazing :-)
Do you want to be the next one to be catching dreams? Then we need to work together! 

Big hugs to you, 
Anabell :-) 

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