Does that all make sense?

Our personal Dreamland doesn't have any boundaries, does it? It is a vast landscape filled with beautiful, fun things, that make us happy. 

Yet, we like to drown ourselves in excuses like: I'm too old, I'm not talented enough, I'm not lucky, etc....Those are excuses. And you know what excuses are as well? I love to answer that with following quote:  "Excuses are lies your fears have sold you"

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Show Up!

As the Dreamer that I am, and working as the Dreamcatcher Coach, I of course fully believe that dreams are our guide and absolutely achievable. 

What if, we change perspectives and see our dreams as goals?

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I want to make my Confidence grow

How many of us know these people, who seem to have it all together? They show so much Confidence, they're successful, talented, beautiful and what not. 
A lot of times, it's those people we see on screen or we listen to their songs. Those people we follow on Social Media and secretly envy for having the life, that we wished we have. 

"If only, I was: beautiful, talented, confident, lucky, rich, loved, supported....". If you have ever caught yourself saying that, then I would love to know your answer to: "Then what?"

Confidence is not a born talent. It's work.

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And time to live your dreams!

Have you also noticed, that the term Self-Knowledge being used quite often these days?

Did you know, that very few are willing to truly dig into their true being? I fully understand, it's scary, right? We are conditioned by society, by our surrounding, by media on "how to…"
And yet: We all have this yearning, for happiness, for peace, for being loved for the person that we are. At the end of day, no matter what your gender, position, race is. We want Happiness, Love, Peace. 

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It's time to own your dreams!

3 short reasons why I chose to call myself the Dreamcatcher Coach:

  • I am an advocate for believing in Dreams

  • I know how it feels to not be allowed to dream

  • I witnessed that Dreams come true, if you fully put your focus on it

I don't know why, but THE thing that has always fascinated me was: what others dreams were and if they are living it right now.
Are you living your dream or taking steps towards them? Or are you living in the grey rut, asking yourself "why and what the heck am I doing here?".

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Enjoy life now, this is not a rehearsal!

To enjoy every moment can be a challenge, would you agree? Being a Happiness Coach, people assume, that I must have that special formula to always being happy. 
Always being happy as a Happiness Coach, is like expecting a doctor to never die. We're all Human after all. That comes with emotions.

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At the end of the day, all we want to be is happy, agree?

Every single one of us is making choices and taking actions based on the outcome of being happy.
And yet, how many of us get frustrated because we seem to be  running in that hamster wheel without getting any closer to it?

When I first heard of someone being a Happiness Coach, it was so clear that I had to jump on that train, because who else could be selling it better than me, right?

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When we're just fed up

Let's be real, sometimes you just want to throw everything in a box, burn it down and throw the ashes over No Man’s land. Sometimes, everything just seems so overwhelming. And why does it sometimes appear, that everything comes at the same time? 

I can tell, from my experience, that there are moments in my life, where I feel like suffocating, because it just all comes together. And just when I thought, I have it seen and felt it all…something else adds up to it.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

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What is it, that makes you feel worthy?

I would love to know, what is it, that makes you feel worthy? 

As most of you know, I am all about supporting you, in giving yourself permission to believe in your dreams. Giving ourselves permission though, is much easier said than done. This is why, a lot of times, we need someone to point a huge flashlight onto our value. This is why, I am mostly asking for opinions from outside. 

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