Hold Onto Your Dreams

You’re an artist, a creative, a dreamer. But these days it feels like that part of you is buried deep down, pushed aside to make way for the “grown-up” you. You’ve traded in your dance shoes for uncomfortable pumps and your paint brushes have been replaced with your work phone.
But that part of you that loved to sing and draw and write keeps calling out. It’s a part of you that you can’t let go, but you can’t figure out how to answer the call.

I’m Anabell Bender, and I’m your personal Dreamcatcher Coach. My job is to help you activate and achieve your dreams.

Dreamcatchers are thought to capture and trap negative energy that may be hanging around in the air, while also bringing in positivity and hope. Similarly, I work with you to determine what negativity is holding you back, and we work together to bring the lightness into the dark. Together we can help you find your dreams and hold onto them (and maybe have some fun in the process).