Catch your human design


Are you:

  • curious about getting tools that can support you discovering your true authentic essence?

  • being haunted with the question “Who am I”?

  • looking to be your best authentic self?

  • looking for a safe space to discover this?

You would want this if you truly want to know your personal melody. Knowing what makes your heart beat and your soul hum. Human Design reveals to you exactly who you are - and how to best embody and live out your true self in this lifetime.

Would you agree, that the world needs more individual dreamers sharing their beautiful gifts? Human Design is a method, that supports you in getting to know yourself and confirming that you are not crazy (and this alone, trust me, is priceless!) ;-)

This is how my Chart looks like:


 Sources Image: Jovian Archive

Now, you might be thinking “How is this supposed to describe me” ?

Well, it’s not “just some woo-woo stuff” ;-) . Human Design is using a unique combination of Eastern and Western astrology, Kabbalah, I-Ching, and Quantum Physics methods.

Which gifts us with the revelation of our soul’s blueprint consisting of numbers, colors, symbols, etc.

It shows us clarity on things like:

  • which environment and people bring out the best of us

  • remembering our needs and feelings, because these are often buried in our subconscious

  • how to best make decisions that fulfill us with happiness

  • uncover our true nature, such as: our dynamics, preferences, character traits, skills, etc.

  • and much much more!

Here’s what you will get in working with me on your Human Design:

  • personally compiled PDF File with your Chart and features (20+ pages, depending on your uniqueness ;-) ), that will spell everything out for you in detail. No need to interpret anything on your own!

  • a 15-minutes follow-up call with me, so you can ask any questions you have and get the answers you need

  • the confirmation that you are perfect just the way you are! :-)

A little peek into my Report and how yours will look like (PS: du bekommst es auch in deutscher Version :-) ):


The offer starts at 150 €.

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